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Recommend pedals please?

By Geoffo - Posted on 23 October 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,
I'm about to look into getting some new (click in) pedals and cleats etc. I currently own a giant yukon and want to get some step in/click in pedals and cleats/shoes. I'd like to have the ability to not always need the cleats/special shoes too, (i.e to ride down to the shops etc). Being a newbie I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good brand of pedal that will allow me to use cleated (and normal) shoes. Thanks in advance Smiling I don't want to spend the earth either at this stage but will spend if I need to get good stuff.


Geeze - all I know from that is that you probably don't want egg beaters (like Justin has). To be honest, I don't know guys put up with them off road.

The Jekyll has Coda something-or-other that it came with. They have lasted well (take a hell of a beating on rocks and such) but probably don't hold you as well as they could (although I could crank this up) - which I don't mind because I like to be able to unclip and bail easily Eye-wink

FWIW - when we took a trip to Kanangra I forgot the cycle shoes and was able to ride 40Km on these in hiking boots, no worries.

Looks like Coda aren't available anymore. Shimano seem to make a few pedals that have cages around a cleat - that could be what you are looking for - but don't see anything quiet like the Codas. T7 seem to have a couple of options at each extreme.

With Cage, probably what you're looking for:

Without (although these look a bit fragile):

Elsewhere you can also find those types with cleat on one side only (Shimano PD-M324), but I'm not sold on them.

Shop around and makes yer choice Eye-wink Phantom Cycles also have some decent options by the looks.

I got some m540 - like these but without the cage - but upgraded to 959s.

these are ok without cleats - is this the sort of thing?

With shoes, the stiffer the sole the better. It's the opposite of walking shoes, you don't want flex.

Ah... these guys look very much like the Codas I was talking about:

Cheap as chips:

Or save a few grams:

Geoffo, have a look at the pedals on this link, all three styles shown here, no cage/platform clipless, caged clipless and caged clipless / platform combo. Also has Shimano shoes. Obviously price check first.

Don't buy road shoes, they don't have the grip! As Justin said you need the stifness in the sole but you also need some decent tread because at some point in time we all get off and walk. If its too steep to ride you're gonna want to have grip on the shoes.



Hey all,
Thanks for the advice!
I just ordered some PD-M545 from torpedo7! Will get some shoes locally as they are a very personal thing, need to try on for fit/comfort etc. Again - appreciate your advice! See you out soon on another ride Smiling.

Thanks Justin,
I'd like to find these in a store (to get the sizing right) (had a quick look just now at Bike Addiction with no luck). Can't establish what brand these are and they only go to size 42 (I think I may be bigger than that), i'm a U.S 10.5 - 11.0. They look like something 'sixone'. Unbelievable price though!!

The brand is 661, they make alot of freeride / downhill gear. Keep ringing around mate and you'll eventually find them. I've seen a few shops carry their pads but can't remember where.

Try out the bike shop on Pacific Hwy Chatswood, I recently bought a pair of Specalized Tahoe shoes and they stack up quite well on trail and they seemd to be quite duable and well made.... i ordered them through my local bike shop; after getting the sizing right.

Good luck.

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