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Drafting Spline

By cRAZY Canuck - Posted on 21 July 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Any one know where to buy one or have one in good condition they want to sell?

(I know nothing to do with bikes - but I can't find one)


isn't this what CAD was developed to get rid of? Haven't used a french curve etc for about 20 years!

Last place I saw drafting aids was in Atchison St, St Leonards. Don't even know if the art supplies is still there?

Yeah - that place is still there. There is also a large-ish art store near Town Hall in the City. Ah - Eckersley's Art & Craft - 93 York St.

What is it exactly? Is that the flexible ruler you can bend to any shape? (If I described it correctly. lol)

I guess you've tried Atos in Brookvale? I think they're still around anyway.

I'm doing a marine design course at the moment that requires you to do all the drafting by hand for the short course and the 1st part of the long course. (you can use CAD for the later 3 parts of the long course)

Call me crazy but I really enjoy the hand drafting - though it makes me appriciate my CAD/modeling programs at work.

For those that many not have seen them Splines are long flexible battens used to create a fair curve and are held in place by lead weights called ducks. You can buy "flexible curves" at most art shops but there bendable plastic with wire in them that you can shape how you want but don't create a properly faired curve.

I've probaly got some old french curves & a flexible curve living in a dusty box in my garage somewhere, but I haven't ever come across a 'drafting spline' or a 'fair curve'. What is a 'fair curve' anyway???
I agree with you about the hand drafting though - always my fave subject at High School & Uni. I've actually still got most of my gear - rotring pens, drawing board, compasses ..... etc, that I haven't used for nearly 20 years, now. I'm pleasantly surprised that its still being taught!
Actually I'm moving house soon, so I should probaly try to flog some of it off. I've never bothered before as I assumed that it was a dead art & no-one would be interested. If you know anyone else that might need some drawing gear - send me a pm.

I reckon it's an Australian tool to make a curve that's fair enough, rather than doing a proper job of it.
It fits in with the Aussie tradition of she'll be right.

LMAO @ Carl

Good luck with finding one.

Out of the states $6.50 US each and 25 or so for the shipping..........

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