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Tyre Pressures

By Buck - Posted on 23 October 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All

Just a question about tyre pressures. Can you guys give me a ballpark figure as to what they should be around? I'm a fairly small bloke weighing in at around 68kg usually.

My Giant Alias rides on Hutchinson 26x2" Scorpion tyres.

At the moment I usually have them somewhere between 40-50 psi. I haven't really experimented too much and I'm quite new to all this so it's all a bit of guesswork at the moment!



For XC stuff (like Terrey Hills) - but on technical stuff or where there is loads of sand - you'd probably go to 30-35psi, you'll get heaps more traction - the only downside of this is if it's too low you will get pinch flats.

The higher the pressure = less rolling resistance = faster ride with less energy.

Thanks for the info Justin
I'll keep adjusting to see if I can find something I'm comfortable with. I probably cant tell though until i get a bit better!

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