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Help: Wonky tyres

By KD - Posted on 04 August 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I just put on a new pair of tubeless Racing Ralphs 2.25, ridden for about 4 rides (120 km) and notice that the tyres are wonky. Have checked the rims are dead straight, tried putting on tubes which seemed to have straightened it abit but it makes me nervous. Any tips or do I need to replace?

and any potential reasons? are the sidewalls alittle weak causing the buldge?


My guess is part of the bead is tucked under and not set properly. Lube up the bead with soapy water then pump them up to max psi (60?) to get the beads to seat properly. Once they have popped in, deflate to desired psi

Yes, lube them up well with soap suds as mentioned above.
I had the same issue getting the non-tubeless ones to seat evenly on my mavic rims with tubes.
I was just preparing them for fitting them to my tubeless rims, and if I was going to run them with tubes ( a weird archaic concept Eye-wink ), I'd use plenty of talc to help them seat.
They mounted up okay on my stans rims with suds though. Seems like the bead is pretty tight. That is actually a good thing for running tubeless!

Bit of a discussion here re Schwalbe tyres that may be what you're talking about
See Wolf Creeks thread

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