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Car Bike Rack Recommendations

By Dicko - Posted on 30 August 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all

I have recently upgraded my bike to a yeti 575. As a result my previous tow bar mounted bike rack which requires a flat top tube no longer is suitable for the Yeti.

I would prefer to continue with a tow bar mounted rack rather then a roof mounted rack.

Can anyone suggest a tow bar mounted rack that works well with dual suspension bike, with no flat top tube ? Any ideas or recommendations are appreciated.


these are fantastic, sure they are not cheap but it will the last rack you need

Without doubt a brilliantly simply rack that fits my 575 perfectly.

Things I like:
1. Soft rubber, protects paint work (although putting some rubber on the downtube might work for you depending on frame.
2. Super easy to install and take off, takes about 20 seconds with an Allen key
3. Very sturdy
4. Great tie downs!
5. Easy to install a car number plate using an old tie down.

I'll 2nd that, the Q Spear is fast and easy to use, it will take any bike at all without a drama.

Hi - if you dont mind spending, there is no better rack that the Thule T2 Quick Load.
It holds the front wheel, so doesnt grip any part of the frame, is compatible with carbon frames, frames without top-tubes, any shape bike you can imagine.
Its completely solid and mounts two bikes. The two bikes dont even touch each other, or move, so there is no rubbing, banging, swinging etc.
Its a bit rich (I think we paid about 600bucks), but if you worry about your bikes, its the only way to go.

Although a bit pricier than Q-Spear & replicas discussed you can get a 575 (just) over the arms on a Thule Expressway. Ah, think this is now called the Ridgeline. The arm fits through above rear shock on my large but not with the 'no sway' cage on the rack (which I don't find useful anyhow as have a zip-stick).

You can also get a device from Thule (or think I've seen one other place doing them) that sits between the stem and seat post to give you the flat top bar you're looking for. Perhaps one of those is the go thus saving the expense of a new rack?

I say replicas above because T7 have a couple (one was on sale a while back):

What does the Q-Spear retail for?

Thks for the prompt info all.

Can you advise where I can pick up a a Qspear rack from ? Would like to organise one this week if possible.

Also I presume this will fit any towbar.


I got mine from Anaconda, they have 3 or 4 bike versions, but for 3 bikes I'd buy the 4 bike version for more space.
Yes, they fit on a towbar in 30 seconds.
I have read on here that the T7 one is a copy and inferior.

pedals plus in st ives has the Q-spear, which could mean that their others stores have it as well.
Check out torpedo7, they doa fairly good rip off of the q-spear at a much better price. they often have it on sale for like $80.

They are really easy to attach the the towbar and really easy to get all sorts of shapes of bikes onto.

Remember to do something to put a number plate on it. I put an elastic bungee strap on each side of the number plate and then just hook it between the 2 arms - works a charm and saves a $395 fine for obstructing your number plate

i run this carrier and so far it has held up real well..



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