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Suggestion for a new bike?

By Little-Ditty - Posted on 08 November 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,

I thought I would ask you guys for some advice about purchasing a new bike.

I am looking to upgrade to a dual suspension unit, spending no more than $3,000 - depending on any particular model's performance vs value. It would need to be an "all mountain" style XC bike as it is mainly used for fire trails, single trails, plus some limited fast downhill runs and slow technical bits. Think Manly Dam, think Red Hill, think Oxford Falls. I have asked some mates who have been very helpful, but I still want to widen my search.

During my research I looked at all the major brands I know of, like: Giant, Scott, Norco, Diamond Back, Mongoose, Kona, Iron Horse, Specialized, Cannondale. Based on price, so far I seem to like:

* Norco - Six-Two
* Scott - Reflex FX-25

I like the Norco due to the rugged design of the frame, albeit a bit heavy. The frame design compromise is nice, in that it sits somewhere between a typical DH frame and a common XC frame. It looks like it is built to do many things, and can take a serious beating.

I like the Scott because the frame seems very light (noticably lighter than the Norco) making it easier to get up hills. It also has a lever on the handlebars that let you lock out the suspension to make your ride soft or firm, depending on the terrain, or going up or downhill. Possibly a gimmick, but I had never heard of this feature and was impressed by it. I imagine it would come in very handy.

I guess my question is... what would you recommend if you purchased a mountain bike for $3,000? Or do you have an alternative bike for this price you could recommend?

"Thanks" (upfront) for your help.


Read a recent article in Mountain Bike Aus. Aug/Sep issue.
They were comparing 5-6inch duallies for under $2.5k.

The liked the Giant Reign 3. Got a 9/10
Kona Dawg also got 9/10

Scott Reflex 25 and Norco Six 2 got 8.5/10

and GT Idrive 4 got 8/10

thats just what the magazine says....i've never ridden any of the above bikes.....

get out and test ALL the bikes on your short list.
Any bike shop of decent repute will allow you to test a bike on the streets near the shop for up to 30mins. You will be able to borrow some bikes for a whole day so you can see how it is on your trail.
You will be surprised at the difference in the motion of each design. there are so many out there, one is sure to match your natural movement.

I totally agree with celia, I own a Kona Dawg and thats how I came to the decision to buy (we rode Manly Dam on one), but when you test make sure you ride your regular trails. You already know how your current bike handles so you'll know which feels better and which does not....and believe me some bikes even dualies are not comfortable.

I have a few mates recently that have bought Giants...they seem to be making a big move into the market and from what I have seen out there not much stacks up against them for bang for buck.

Get out there, chat to the guys in the shops, ask them all the questions you need answered.

Good Luck


my mates just got jamis dakar xlt 2.o's one 2006 and one 2003 and they love them...very light and great spec- the didnt buy new though!

are you guys having a killer time?

Thanks all, I am still looking into those suggested bikes.

The Giant Reign 3 2006 looked like a nice ride, but I would assume it would be getting pretty difficult to locate one of those by now. I could not see a 2007 equivalent??

I will definitely be looking to test any potential bike out. I stand about 180 cm (6') so I would need a large frame (L or XL). Something with longer reach to the handlebars, and good "kneeroom", as I call it. I would swap the pedals out too, as I hate cleats.

Any more suggestions? Smiling

I think the 2007 Reign 1 may just squeeze in under $3k.

There are a few people who ride the Giant duallies here. I think Justin and Tien both had one from memory. If they see this post they maybe able to tell you what the bike is like.

When we were at the Fling Craigs mate brought his Specalized to sell which looked very nice - all new components etc...he wanted $1200 for it - no doubt Craig could tell you more, that is if you are interested in a second hand bike...lots of goodies on it apparently

MEEE : )

Well, I suppose that I am, if the price is right and the frame design was good. It would need to be similar to an "all mountain" style frame, in an L or XL size. I would ideally need to know what model this used bike was.

I did already check out Specialized bikes, which looked pretty good. But from the research I have already completed, the new Norco and Scott models shade out Specialized at the moment. I am not discounting used altogether though.

Yep Sergio has his Specialized Stumpjumper FSR up for sale . Has brand new forks and rear shock and has always been well maintained. Design is a couple of years old but basically the same design as the current stumpjumper so is very versatile.
Drop him an email to get all the up to date specs and details at .


Aaaaaahhh, a Stumpjumper. Thanks mate, but I had already checked out the Stumpjumper before. It is a solid bike, but still a bit too much of the STP / freestyle feel in the frame design for me. I really appreciate the help though. Smiling

Anyone else out there ride a Norco or Scott MTB? Any advice or comments you could make on their performance and value?

Thanks heaps!!

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