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Hydro discs with drop bars?

By Rob - Posted on 04 October 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

In case anyone doesn't know, Travis Brown rode a drop bar MTB at this years Leadville (see However, Travis was stuck with cable discs as he wasn't as inventive as the guy who came up with this:

In case you can't quite make it out, the cables from the drop levers are fixed to pull the hyrdo levers fixed on the top of the bars (where cross-top brakes sit on my crosser).


Although one has to ask... if you're going to ride a fully rigid MTB with drops why wouldn't you just go with a crosser!?

... about drop bars on XC racers. I reckon a set of the current model XT dual-control with a bit of creative rubber moulding for the hoods might have some promise as a solution.

The bars in that velospace photo are rather busy! Where do you wrap your hands around to get to the brake levers in the middle? Puzzled

although the bloke says he only rides it on the road.
apparently there were a few similar dropbar setups at leadville. and no 29er's in the top five, which is interesting over a pretty flat course. hopefully it's just another silly looking fad. like fixies. and crossers.

After Octave Lapize attributed his win in the 1910 Tour de France to his off season training in cyclo-cross the sport began to spread to countries bordering France.


Some of the original MTB races, they used drop bars (talking over 20 years ago here).

Pah! 'Tis nothing! Eye-wink

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