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Graphic Design?

By Rob - Posted on 15 October 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

This is so funny I had to watch it twice... I missed the end first time 'cos I was crying and laughing too much to hear:

Warning: it has a few naughty words Eye-wink

Yes, it's about graphic design, but any professional can probably relate.

As a personal trainer i recognised a few of those sentences... my wife wants to loose some weight, do you have any tips i can give her to do at home? can you just write my friend a quick program he/she can do at home?


Reminds me of this Video: Vendor - client relationship...applicable for most industries...

That's so true. My wife is a graphic designer so I get to hear all about these things!

LOL, it's funny cause it's true! I love how his head stays still while his jaw moves.

Frankly, both these scenarios make up so much of my life, I can't even raise a laugh !


it's so true I'd otherwise cry!

Those are hilarious, and

CB, I feel for you.

... I'm providing business analysis expertise to a project at present where the customer wants the system to provide two mutually exclusive outcomes.

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