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Bike travel bags

By mtbasn.alex - Posted on 10 November 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

For anyone who doesn't know me:

My name is Alex Wagner, 17y/o, School Student in Blue Mountains. I have been racing MTB's for around 7 years now.
I have achieved some pretty good results, around Australia and also overseas, New Caledonia.

Back on topic:

I'm preparing to do the 2009/10 National MTB Series. The first round is in Glenorchy, Tasmania.
The only way of getting there is by plane, my problem is I don't have anyway of taking my bike onto the
plane safely. Does anyone have or know of anyone who would be able to lend me a bike bag, box etc?
I'm leaving on December 11th and returning on the 13th.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hi Alex,

Grab a bike box from BLACKMANS - should be free for you.. maybe they'll charge you $5. Pack carefully and reinforce the box with heaps of tape. I've been using boxes to travel to BMC, Otway etc for all this year - they work fine if you pack it right.

Make sure you are under the baggage limit for the airline though. I got stung an extra $170 for the National Marathon Champs flying Virgin..

Good luck.. watch out for Mitchell Codner... he is flying..


I recently bought my bike back from London, I put it in a bike bag and it came through fine apart from the rear mech hanger, so I would recommend bringing a spare of those as well. can borrow any time. Gathering dust and cobwebs in the shed. PM me if you need it .

I traveled a few times to Brisbane with my bike by plane (that is where my photo was taken). I just disasembled the wheels and seat and packed it in a box i got from the bike shop (5$).
Just the first time i dind't have the litle plastic thing that goes between the pads in hidraulic brakes and when i unpacked the bike i had to rebleed it. for the next trip i asked those from the bike shop, they get them with each bike they receive in a box.

Good luck on the race!!

hey fer,
ness and i heading up to brisbane at the end of the year, where was that photo taken?


or something similar is the spelling. I have a biker friend living there who took me all around. But you missing the time in the year to go up there, it is better to go in July August!! Anyway, i may ask him if he has a map and send it to you if you are taking your bikes.

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