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What it takes to beat Gordo

By philberesford - Posted on 12 November 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

In case you wondering what it takes to beat Gordo, this was just tweeted by the Rockstar team

4 those wondering what it takes 2 beat Gordo. Ride 100k on MTB Friday. Race & win Sunday. Wake up 3.40am Monday ride 5 hrs. do same everyday

Sounds easy hey?

More at

That all sounds too much like hard work Eye-wink

I can't believe he sleeps in until 3:40am.


Still, nothing like a sleep-in, eh.

I usually get up 2 hours before I go to bed.

Oooh...the life of the Rockstar....

But has he ever felt the warmth of a woman? (Or only cold steel?)

Does Gordo have a full time job?
If so I wonder how he functions after 5 hrs in the saddle before work?

That's exactly what I thought on reading that!

FWIW, I've been known to ride for 3 hours then do a full days work. But that was only the one time, not every day of the week Eye-wink

I'm not sure, I think he probably does. I know Hamo and the other Rockstars do.

is too make us feel lazy so we all put in that little bit extra each time we ride. He and all the other elites are doing a very very good job id say Smiling

And if you haven't done so already I reccomend watching 24 Solo which chronicles the 2006 MTB 24hr World Championship in which Gordo beats 6x World Champion Chris Eatough for the title. I watched it for the first time yesterday. Amazing

Here's the trailer:

That's a must watch for any MTB rider.

have a much greater need to see it than mtbers. Eye-wink

I've just lent it to my offsider's roadie husband. We all know what he needs to buy next. And soon, so will he. LOL Sticking out tongue

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