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Bodgy solution required for odometer

By Justin - Posted on 16 November 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey all,

I have several odometers but for someone reason none of the bits that go on the wheel.

Is it just a bit of steel wrapped around a clip for the spoke? If so i think I can bodgy something up, has anyone done this before and can recommend common household items fit for purpose?


Is it just a bit of steel wrapped around a clip

I take it you are referring to a magnet that is encased in either ally or plastic?

The doowhatsit that clips onto the spoke Smiling

Erm... search for 'wheel magnet' at your favourite store Eye-wink

Read 'common household items' that I can bodgy up. Ah well, i'm headed that way at lunch i'll see if they can throw me a spare Smiling

Justin, I have a spare that you can have if you want.. In fact I think I have a couple laying around.

One is from a Polar so is pretty shmick.

Cheers mate, may want to save them for your retirement fund though, the bike store just stung me $10 for one of them...

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