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2010 Australian 24hr Solo Only Nationals

By Damien - Posted on 12 December 2009

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Saturday, 3 April, 2010 - 12:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Majura Pines
Meeting Point: 

Majura Pine Forest, off Majura Road.

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2010 Solo Only 24hr Nationals - Easter, Canberra Again.

Details will follow.

Who's in?
Carlgroover, Supagav, trailburner, shrek
Carlgroover Supagav trailburner shrek
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Is anybody there? In 2009 we had 11 head down to Majura, some racing some support crew "the best race of the year" and everyone had a ball, Dylan/Ladytoast made this awesome video that may inspire a few to have a go at a solo 24, It would be great if another was made of this years race.

I'll be there for the 3rd year in a row and I'm keen as, I'm out there smashing the mountain on a daily basis at the moment but I'm seriously planning on peaking for the World's in October.

This is a qualifier for the World's so if you ever wanted to race in a World Championship race (and who wouldn't) get yourself down to Majura and qualify.


I would be keen to make another film, perhaps with a bit more planning this year. So if I could get myself on a team that didn't mind me buggering off now and again (much like last year really) then I could be talked into coming again.

As for riding... um...

Not this year.

I was keen to do it but stuff happens and its a no go.

So just the solo worlds for me.

Scored a place on a team for the Mont so that will be good fun and take my mind of not doing the solo.

Sorry, still haven't got over the NZ trup. Dylan if you wanted to come down and help out at the champs it would be bloody awesome, currently my ever supportive wife Louise will be doing a 24 hour solo support, that is every bit as hard as doing it on the bike.

I'm sure Jay could use a little help, also Martin would fun to have racing with us and his ever cheerful Juliane I'm guessing is his support crew. If we setup a spot together like last time it would be really fun.

So Dylan if you need to be talked into coming down I'l be happy to do it, we neeeed you Dylan, really! Hell I'll even shout you a meal at the chinese on Sunday night.

Shrek, I've never met however I sure you could join our pit, I love that movie and you ride a MTB so you can't be all bad.

Damien, I'm an SS team of four for the Mont so I'll see you there Bro'

Sorry this post is influenced by chardonnay and I'm going to bed now.

Sweet as John Smiling

My recent move has cost more than expected and with my trip overseas fast approaching I'm pulling out to save money. Looks like my only race this year will be the Scott 24hr, I'll use the money I save to buy a bike to try and retain some fitness while in Canada. The Scott will be interesting I arrive back in Sydney 4 days before the race... I had a bad travel planner!

Hi All

New to the site and was planning to head down for the race but my helper has pulled out and I was wondering if any of the guys going down would be willing to share there helper with me so I can enter.

Thanks and fingers crossed


There will be a few of us down there that can give you a hand!
Get my number from my profile and give us a ring whne you there. I will grab your number as well.
We should be there mid afternoon tomorrow.
Do this race you will love it!!!


Try and enjoy it hey?

I may call in to watch a lap or 2, as I'm in the ACT on the w-end aswell...

** I did watch the start at 12 noon today, so gooooo John, V, Dr Eggs and Brad (Dr Eggs + Brad doing a solo one on the SS.... what cracy boy's...
I may go to MP late tonight and have a look again, they are so mad....
.... well maybe I should have a go, too one day??? It looks very interesting.... maybe not... not sure, but I will think about it!!!

ok, just went to MP again (6pm)
John is in 3rd at the moment.
V is leading the 7+5 hour race.
The SS guy's (Dr Eggs + Brad) are in good spirits!update:

Jason English on his 44th lap!!!!!
John Evans on his 34th lap in 2nd
Dr Eggs on his 33rd lap.... on the SS!!!
V in front of the 7+5 race.
I'm lost for words, these guys are super humans.....
JE father had a chat to us (Supagav+me) and said Jason eats 1 1/2 Pizza's through the night! just mad....
It was great for me to see these guys riding.
**UPDATE 10am Sunday:

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