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Mont24 2010

By Rob - Posted on 03 January 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Saturday, 27 March, 2010 - 12:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

24 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Sparrow Hill
Meeting Point: 

Coming from Sydney, drive into Queenbeyan, turn left at the roundabout where Red Rooster is and stay on this road for about 11km. Park on the side of the road where the gate is. For better directions try this link CORC: Events: Race Venues.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Well, it's sold out already, but for some reason not in the calendar.

Click the star if you're in and see you there! Smiling

Who's in?
Rob, pikey, Heckler, Bernd, Whisperer, davis_jnr, Buck, evan, Little-Ditty, Caro, akk, GAZZA, lorrie, Harry, ar_junkie, leximack, Steve 01, Andy Bloot, Carlgroover, Gary, nate, modelcitizen, Damien, Greg P, Nick R, Benny-B, Hans, Supagav, McPete, BT, staffe, Jee10, Glen, Bubble, Bikeboy, JOE, obmal, Aussiemiller, Scottboy, king_nelly, Ray, Ed (42 riders)
Rob pikey Heckler Bernd Whisperer davis_jnr Buck evan Little-Ditty Caro akk GAZZA lorrie Harry ar_junkie leximack Steve 01 Andy Bloot Carlgroover Gary nate modelcitizen Damien Greg P Nick R Benny-B Hans Supagav McPete BT staffe Jee10 Glen Bubble Bikeboy JOE obmal Aussiemiller Scottboy king_nelly Ray Ed
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Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Whisperer When the dust settled... we were on the podium again Finished 23 23:12:27 43 Foursomes 40s Mixed 1
staffe Mont 24 2010 2nd place Finished 23 23:51:18 65 Six Packs 40s Male 2
Damien Cherry On Top Finished 22 23:06:14 79 Six Packs Male 19
Rob Soft Encore Finished 22 23:06:14 79 Six Packs Male 19
BT 1st Mont Finished 21 23:30:29 158 Foursomes Male 55
lozza6 Mont Fun! Finished 20 23:15:11 206 2
Hans Team Big Test Icicles - causing controversy again.... ;-) Finished 20 23:15:46 208 Six Packs 40s Mixed 2
Buck Mont 2010 Finished 20 23:15:49 209 Six Packs Male 49

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So, how many teams do we have, and what size camping area do we need?
Mixed Nuts will be there, with my 'megatarp', and the usual pits area.

Last year we ended up a fair way from transition, mainly due to the locals claiming the choice spots, and our need for a decent size area.
If we want to be able to transition near the camp, we'll need to be either next to transition, or near the 'top' corner where there was a gap in the fence before the fireroad went into the single track. Supagav and V were transitioning there (at the top corner) last year and it seemed to work well. I'm keen to camp near there if possible rather than too close to the noise of transition.

I'll be going down on Friday morning, but as is usual, I'll get there around 11 or so, and that's pretty late for the good spots.
Can anyone get there earlier or will be down there on Thursday?

So all's quiet here - two weeks to go and not a peep.
Am I missing another forum entry or is everyone just going to get organised a few days before the event Smiling

LOL... nah... maybe everyone is much better prepared than in the past?

We'll be going down Friday morning to snap up a nice spot. Anyone go any specific location in mind? Think we need to play it by ear when we discover what space is left and where the facilities trucks are parked.

Just put the 24hr kit in the car and go.

I guess the more of these things you do the less organising needs doing with lessons from the last few? It's arrive on Fri afternoon evening, hope there is a spot to park / sleep and then have something to eat and relax. I'm sure there's also team planning going on but that wouldn't be discussed on open forums. This year I'll be staying Sun night as well - hotel booked. A hot soak rather than a 3+ hour drive back to Sydney was more appealing, also gives plenty time to pack up attend prize giving etc.

and yes the local bike store may be demo'ing bikes - saves me breaking mine!

Hi. I'm starting to get slightly nervous, as its my first Mont!
I'm in a team of four! Hopefully be there by noon friday, but that depends on how well I'm organised thursday night?

Whisperer, are you hinting to bring wire cutters? There might be one in my tool box....makes me feel like i'm back in high school taking about wire cutters. Yes, a few friends used to cut fences in the Industrial area, rather then cycling the long way around.

You guys/gals could give me plenty of hints? But, I have a hint to give. I'm freezing pasta/and sauce on wed night, so all I have to do it boil it on a hot plate ready to eat. The Mont website has some handy hints....

What inflated grub is there to buy at the event?

Hey Jee10,
No need to get too excited, there's an access road opening in the fence.
Don't know where you read wire cutters into my post Eye-wink .....

Nobmobbers as I will be on the prowl down there the same as I was at the Sydney 24hr so look out . LOL ,We can all play nice fair for a price ?? Iwill hopefuly be able to ride around the course & do a few laps too , so be nice too me . he he heee

Assuming the course and layout is the same as last year, heres a layout that I've put together to 'herd' nobmonb into the same area.

Comments/ideas welcome.

Mont 2010 planning - camping

Last year there were tilet and shower facilities furhter along the east/west trail sort of below where we were last year. there were also facilities near pit central too. Probably others, but I can't remember.
Anyway, the idea is to have the option to transition at camp during the night, and that means being close to the 'arrow'.
If we miss out on a decent area in the ideal position, then to get a decent space it will probably mean being closer to where we were last year.

Yeah... good call. See how you can almost make out some vehicle tracks (double track) heading North from the forest near that corner? Reckon trying for just a spot just West of them is the go. As you say, failing that just keep heading West past the dams.

All depends on what space is available I guess... we can but hope Smiling

FWIW, we will hopefully be there just after lunch on Friday and will setup the dome - we have one of those big Coleman shade things that's around 4m square. Should be easy to find Eye-wink

have to give you a 10 for persistence. Also reckon that will be a very sought after spot and will go to the early birds.

Last year’s approx spot, can you access it with a Mazda 3? or do you need more like a 4x4?I can't remember the terrain when I was there in Jan.

I arrived last year when it was pouring down on Friday night. I have a rear wheel drive car with tyres that were never meant to see dirt and that made it interesting on the firetrail in to say the least Smiling . Almost ended up in the ditch on the side twice before getting to the campsite.

That said it was fine leaving the place when it was dry on Sunday.

Mont Weather...Hot: Sat/Sun 34° / 36°

I am suffering from memory loss and can't remember how I got to the Mont last year?? I just remember ariving in a rain storm Smiling
I am pretty sure it was my little old Mazda bubble though and it was ok. If it is dry this year (Pleeeease!!!) driving in that area will be fine.


Some more hill training...there is hope for the Mont...

4 laps of Akuna Bay plus Cottage point road ...on the new wheels...

The worry is that I now start feeling more comfy on the road... is this the effect of the dark side?

I've even abandoned the Enduro (6" travel) for the Mont ; and switched bikes for something lighter / less travel...starts with G. Eye-wink

On top of Cottage Point Road
4 laps of Akuna Bay + Cottage point road: Bring on the Mont!

Re-hydrating at sea-level
Re-hydrating after 4 laps of Akuna Bay...

Is anyone going to ride with their lights off for one hour on Saturday to save the planet for Earth Hour Eye-wink

speaking of lights - haven't done a night ride since I can't remember and getting things ready I can't find my Ay Up helmet mount and haven't seen it since we moved here (almost 4 months), going to keep looking but anyone have a spare just in case I can't find mine or order a new one in time?

I use the Gecko mounts so I have the standard mount if you want to borrow that?

for the offer, I've been pm'd with one already.

Good luck and have fun for everyone riding at the Mont this weekend.

I hope I didn't give too many people grief riding thru transition on Saturday evening , but I was only doing my job as people were probably not listening too well during rider breifing, as everybody was told not too ride thru the transition area , but too run or walk thru as somebody could or can get hurt as I saw it myself as two people collided & they were doing the right thing they were not riding thru . I would have hated the outcome if one was on a bike riding thru . Hope everybody had a good weekend overall

@Smiley... not at all... your presence was much appreciated. It's nice to see friendly faces on the marshals.

Talking of friendly staff - I had to stop to tighten the chin strap on my helmet between my double night lap and decided the transition tent would be the perfect spot. The dude with the mic. in his hand at that time noticed me messing with it and made the adjustment for me. What a nice chap Smiling

one telling me to pull people up who was riding thru & getting them to do push ups , that was there penalty for riding thru the transition area .

did anyone get a lap profile of the track, care to post it up?

I mapped it on my Garmin, will see if I can.

Here you go:

17.69km, 198m vertical (split the difference between up and down).

Heres Mine


I would have guessed about 250M vertical..

Did I take a shortcut or something!?
Why is my Garmin 500 just picking up 15-16km for the laps? I had auto pause off too.....

Wow, that is very odd. It's well known that GPSeses cut a few corners on twisty single track. My distance (on an Edge 500) is very similar to Don's (on an Edge 705). I have a wheel sensor, perhaps that might have made some difference on this course?

Even so, it is odd, you would have thought the 500 and 705 would use the same sort of algorithms as they are both pretty new.

with GPS based stats on trails like Sparrow.

I use a wired cycle computer that I calibrated to my new tyre last Wednesday and each of my laps measured between 19.28 and 19.35 km. Looking at the official results and using lap time and average speed comes out at 19.3km. Their average speed for my last lap matches what I still have on my computer. It would be interesting to see what your wheel sensor data shows Rob, if you are able to pull it up

The Edge is meant to take into account the wheel sensor as part of it's distance calcs. So that data is already included in the activity I posted.

Mont Results (summary) are now up on in one easy to scroll page:

Hoping to take my wife to Canberra in the holidays for a few laps around Majura and Sparrow Hill. Will I be able to do the same lap that was used in the Mont or are sections closed to the general public? ie, can I upload your Garmin lap profiles and not get lost?

Yeah, there was nothing to worry an average rider on this year's course. It's great fun, especially the last 2km or so.

Perhaps there were a few patches of rocks to be careful about, and one right/left combo in that last section but these were short enough.

I swept most of the course with stopping & starting to make sure ppl were ok & stopped with a few ppl for a bit I did it under 1hr 30 - 1hr40 with a few fast bits where I should have been cruising . BTW the pedals were great too

Yup, i'm going to take Liz and a couple of folks who have never ridden offroad out on that ride - it's a great singletrack and easy for folks that are new.

and /wave at smiley

Will I be able to do the same lap that was used in the Mont or are sections closed to the general public?

No and yes. Logging is going on at Sparrow Hill in a small section at the back, but because the logging company don't want to kill anyone with a B-Double they have closed off the whole of the back-right section of SH to MTB'ers. They allowed the MONT to go in there which was awesome and the logging should only last a couple of months and won't touch the main track, but until then it's off limits. And nobody get any ideas about doing a bandit run in there - 2 groups have been found amongst the machinery and it's as much as Paul Cole has been able to do to stop them closing off the whole forest to everyone, which they'd be quite entitled to do as an OHS precaution.

Having said that there is 20km + of ST available to ride in a circuit and a number of other tracks which make up the first bit and the last 10km of the MONT if you can follow it. Otherwise just follow the red and blue arrows for 19km of sweet fun, including Bobsled.

Lot's of familiar names on the cyclingnews article Smiling

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