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Training Session "PROPOSAL" Rollovers / Jumps

By pikey - Posted on 14 January 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anybody interested in joining me on one of my rollover / jump training sessions?

I use a local, for me, place called Hews Reserve, its on Hews Pde Belrose.

The level of height difficulty ranges from a gutter, milk crate, car bonnet to car roof (if that at all helps!)
The beauty of this place is the flat grass take off offering a landing on gentle downward slopping grass to absorb either your tyres

If I get interest we can work out a date.

I will post two pics for Rob to put up. Pics:

Training Session "PROPOSAL" Rollovers / Jumps

Training Session "PROPOSAL" Rollovers / Jumps

You see the low rollovers off to the sides with the big drops in the middle.

Till Then



I'd be interested in something like that.


dont care how experienced we all think we are i think its always good to practice jumps. they look cool and also get you out of a few sticky situations as well as get you into a few:) count me in. its a good oportunity for some good laughs and stack photos too.

Have been looking for somewhere to do this sort of thing, count me in.


But can we wait until the first weekend in February or later, sorry all the trouble n strife is away for the next couple of weekends and I've got the kids.

Hope you can accommodate, I'm sure I will be able to provide good entertainment if you do


Yer, Sweet,

Ill be there, depending on the date.

I have been to Hews Reserve (a while ago) and have never seen any roll offs, where abouts in the reserve are they?

See you there,


yah count me in i'm embarrasingly learning from scratch how to jump properly now ive switched to platform pedals from clipless *shame*

I need all the help I can get so will be there!


very interested!

I'll even come cotton wool wrapped!

Now that the pics are up I know where they were, I just never thought of taking a bike off them. LOL

Ill be there.


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