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Dirtworks Classic

By evan - Posted on 20 January 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

For those who may have forgotten or chosen to forget, registrations for the Dirtworks Classic are now open.

Latest News: Latest news here. (

Update: (28 Feb). Dirt Works 2007 Sold Out!

Update: (23 Feb). Just over a month and the event is already at 90% capacity. We don't expect the remaining 100 entries to last long, get your entry in today!.

Update: (13 Feb). Apparantly there are already 700 entries in and these are limited by NPWS to 1000 riders. Get in quick:

Poll: What distance are you doing? As per a request.

It would be great to have a group there.


been thinking about this

mee , too....

Just signed my life away too.
See you in a few hours Smiling

Yes I'm in.

I agree lets make this a good group turn out.


Hi everyone.

Anyone else thinking of doing the dirt works race, should be really good weekend?

Remember there is only 1000 entries & will sell out well before race day.

We are thinking of camping on Saturday night so we can have an easy morning, also the bridge to bridge boat race is the same weekend, meaning that the ferry will stop running about 6am & not reopen till after race start.

As Greg said it would be great if we could get group together.

Hope to see you all there.


will be joining if every does the 50 km ride

Hi tien

As far as I know everyone so far is doing the 50k, I am.

Hope you sign up, the more the better.

See you on the trails

I just signed up for the 50km.

I did the 100km last year. The 4:30am start made it rather painful. The ride itself wasn't too bad.

Hi Ian

Welcome aboard, should be a good day/weekend. I agree with you, the early start(with lights) doesnt sound fun to me. The 50km has gotta be more fun.

See you there.

Its great to see people responding to this.
Looks as though we will have good group.


Am I missing something or is the 50km Half course going to be more like 63km.

The half course does the first loop, right? As its a loop that means that generally you would start and finish in the same spot and therefore the same elevation. If you look at the course profile, bottom of the course map page, it doesn't look like you return to the same start elevation until well after the 60km mark.

Could be wrong, and hope I am for your sake, but would hate to think people only train for the 50k and then end up having to do 20% more.

Best of luck to all, I will be cheering from the sidelines.


Signed up today. Training, bah, as long as I'm in one piece that's fine...

Anybody else fool enough to join me on the 100k?


I hope you are all this keen come November and the Highland Fling...
Sadly I can't do the Dirtworks as I am away...
Good luck to you all in advance!

MEEE Smiling

Faxed back the entry form for the 50km this afternoon

Will be looking forward to this, if all is well, the Fling looks tasty! full Fling


I am in as well. Signed up last night for the 50k. Thought about the 100k but decided not yet mad enough. Will likely have a few other riding buddies and a newbie from work as well (nice way to start). Neil

Hmmmm... the trouble I have with the Dirtworks is that last year it was pretty poor. There are some great trails in the area, but the course climbed up the technical downhill from the previous year (it was nice downwards but not to climb) then descended down some terrible very dusty fire trail.

Don't be put off though, if you haven't done this before, you're in for a challenge/treat, depending on your preparation. For the 100, you want to be capable of easily riding 50-60Km with well over 1000m vertical in climbing (up and down the Oaks is a good one) and not feeling a thing the next day. Half that I guess for the 50.

Notice they have the profile from 2006 up still, if it's the same course then I'm out, however, if this changes sometime soon so it's clear the course differs from the previous two then still might be tempted. Check out our Dirtworks 2006 Results for interest, click the profile for more discussion.

FWIW, we camped both years - 2006 it was only 4°C when we woke. 6:45am start - for the first 10Km before the hills and sun kicked in the hands and feet were like ice!

I'm also signed up for the 50k ride.

I thought if I can ride from Glenbrook to Woodford and back again, then why not give it a go.


See you guys out on the trails....I'm going to do the 50km easy option
Matt...don't do the hundred...seriously!
Training to commence at short notice!


just signed up. cant wait. do you guys just cruise or are any of you up for a decent time? im afraid my competitive spirit will make me wanna push myself!

Looks like we are getting a good sized group together, cant wait for this one.

Maybe we should try & organise a couple of training rides so we can all meet each other before the big weekend.


... come midday May 6, but what the hell - I'm now entered for the 100!

Peer pressure's a terrible thing ... you're all bnasrds Eye-wink

hmm, im thinking of doing this but dont know whether to do 50 or 100 insane? i can manage a good 5 hour ride ok, but some of the finish times go up to almost 10 hours for the 100- but i dont want to get there and be dissapointed that i missed out..dilemna! any thoughts?

I'm not going to claim it won't be tough, but it's still easily doable as long as you go out at a comfortable pace, drink and eat lots, early and often. Do that and with a modicum of fitness you'll get a reasonable time. You'll only really blow out the time if you have mechanical or (lack of) fuel problems.

There's a few of us doing the 100 now and 50 is just too short, think how much more satisfied you'll be at the end...


well, think i might do it..i'll bring up the rear hehehe

I did the hundred last year and was not most fit I have ever been at the time either.

The longest ride I would ever do would be 2 hours and at most 3 times a week. A long ride like the DW is very different, you tend to pace yourself more. Just don't get any lactic burn in the legs or you will blow out real quick (unless you are super fit of course).

I did a 7 hour 11 min last year by not pushing too hard (I'm 46). Awesome track BTW!!

PS: 6 hours 30 for the Fling!

Decided to go the 100km...
Never mountain biked over 60km. Never raced before.

Will be fun to push the limits. Also it will be good motivation to train harder...

Found some interesting training info on the following site, even though it is for a 100 miles = 161 km:

Also came across these stats from last year:

Youngest competitor is 16 years of age – Oldest competitor is 64 years.
Full course competitors make up 70% of the field with 30% doing the half course.
12% of the field will be female.
There are 13 competitors in the inaugural Single Speed Category.
The biggest category is Veteran Male with 236 competitors.

I now feel soft only doing the 50km.....

30% doing the 50km....

I am now im reminded of the last 100km ride i did.....took almost 8 hours!

Ok I'm now committed to the 50km

Hopefully by the time the Higland Fling comes around I'll be fit enough to do another 100km
but for now 50 will have to do.

Hey Stuart, what was that you asked about the 50km actually being 63km?

Catch Ya


presumably starts and finishes at the same spot, which also means the same elevation. If you look at the profile on the web site you don't get back to the same elevation until after about 63km, although some have said this is last years profile.

Time will tell, train for 60 and you'll do a great 50 if thats all it ends up.


Hey all,
Doing some late night/early morning surfing and came across the Dirt Works "Latest News" (23rd Feb)...
Only 100 entries left so to those who are still contemplating entering, act soon...

Added the info to the top section


and estimated that the first 65kms is very close to 1000m climbing.
..can only assume that the last 35km is twice as steep as the first give a total of 2000m climbing! I think the worlds course in NZ had this amount of climbing and thats the elite guys... Shocked

having said that I am only doing one lap...but its time to start training...(cursed knee)soon
can we have a summary of numbers ...someone might like to do a poll of the 50km or 100km riders...

I'm in. I signed up on the very first day for the 100 k way. I'm mad Smiling

I think I might have a broken mind or something, am going to change over from the 50km to 100km today. Smiling

Looks like the entry list is full. Anyone wanting to still go can put their name on a waiting list & hope someone pulls out.

I can't believe how quickly this thing fills up!

Guess those that missed out will just have to hang out and drink lattes...

Jedijunglesnow, I believe you have a mate who is a Cannondale rider, is this the person who will drinking lattes instead of doing the 100km???

Ha! You make me laugh Goatman. Yep you're correct about this Cannondale rider, he thinks 100km, heck even 50km, is too hard for him to ride.

I think he should take a look at the people on this site who are going the distance to draw some inspiration from...

a half shot skinny decafe and I'll be there with the latest issue of Womens Day to share

Do you ride a Cannondale too mate?

Oh yeah, forgot to say I registered. For the 50 Smiling

Race ya Pikey!

Kona and Specialised. Just lack the ticker needed and I think Austin P still has my mojo

A friend asked the organizers of Dirt Works about upgrading from 50km to the 100km, and they replied he could change up to two weeks before the event.

Excellent Justin, A race it will be!

You riding the Gemini or the Reign?

I will have my new 10kg carbon stead ready by then Eye-wink

I still can't decide what bike will suite me. I've started looking at the "Santa Cruze Nomad" as an all mountain bike around the 13 kg mark, also the "Scott MC Genius 50" at Brookvale could do the trick as well.
What a terrible position to be in!

See ya's tomorrow at Ourimbah,

Craig, sorry for not offering, I could take you up with me but I couldn't bring you back as im visting my family up there. Ring me if you want come up with me and peddle home (its all downhill) Eye-wink


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