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Bag For commuting.

By Aaron - Posted on 18 February 2010

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I have recently started commuting to work, i current;y have started easing into this and at the start and end of the week catching the bus and using this as my way to get all my gear into work for the week, Towel etc.

My question is, What is a good size bag that would need to hold at the most a Towel, change of clothes and probably a spare tube etc.. I am lucky that I work in casual clothes. So no need for suits, basically jeans/shorts and t-shirts!

I was thinking a 19 Litre would be enough to hold everything, i was going to grab the cloud walker from T7 thatis currently up there, wanted to be sure before I do tho. But really don't have anything that size at home to compare it to.


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Great messenger bags and rucksacks with LOADS of room, durable fabric and waterproof. If you're interested, I have one for sale cheap that's a custom build black with a camo stripe down the middle? It's big enough to fit everything, plus shoes if needed, spares and lunch too.

Not sure, but they look like overkill for my daily commute.

I leave towel, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, protein shakes, and stuff at work.

I use a camelbak Mule for cummuting

Holds, Spare Tube, Pump, Combi-Tool.

Shoes, Change of clothes (I keep my towel in the office)

Not much spare room in there, but its not too big either.

*note: I use the same bag for offroad, and just switch out the clothes for First Aid Kit/Wet Gear/Food

I just use a 19L backpack for my work clothes, pump, tools & spares (and also lights in Winter).
This is plenty big enough as I keep a spare pair of shoes, soap, washer & chamois towel at work.
Try to get one that has a nice airflow down your back as they can get rather sticky in summer riding.

I use Ortlieb rolltop waterproof panniers. Less strain on the back. There have been times I've needed to carry a laptop, and it was too much weight for the backpack - caused significant lower back discomfort and risk of injury.

While panniers are slightly slower due the greater frontal area, they are much cooler to ride with. That horribly hot 40C+ day we had late last year was no problem and I was very glad not to be trying to carry a backpack.

Went down this road along time ago and I bought a cycle specific backpack. It was called a Blackburn Mississippi it has (still have it) a internal pouch for the TWO 3 litre 'hydrasacks'. Just did some quick searching and looks like it's no longer available. So I give you a run down on the what-for;
~Why cycle specific? because on the bike/road as opposed to walking or hiking you need to have uninterrupted peripheral views (car drivers think you've got 360 degrees!)
~Why do I need side pockets? because they are your best friends (orange in the left side for the down hill, chocolate on the right for up-hills) try the pack on waist strap done up & if you can not reach the side pockets put it back on the shelf!
~Why do I need to carry all that water? you probably will not need that much water but as a measure kilo for kilo your pack will be able/strong enough to haul that much weight.
~Waist straps do nothing? the waist strap is the component that you need to haul all that, weight on, the pack should fit snugly on your hips allowing the shoulders to move freely (you breath in your chest raises etc.)
~What flow of Air I'm outside arn't I? the pack I bought has a flexible frame with this mesh system so the pack sits 40cm off your back no sweatbox here.
~Is it eyepod compatible? you may think cudos if it has your sound system integration but my dollar went for a internal pocket to keep my pump accessible in an emergency
~My choice my colour? wtf at night all colours are black unless it has some reflective weave (3M scotch-brite) another good reference is for some where to put your second rear RED light, drivers have two eyes one on the light on your pack the second on the flashing from your bike
~Can I save weight on construction material, overall weight goes down? look if you want a pack that does everything so far, and your intention is to just USE the thing. You'll need to put some of that weight saving in the back of your mind because if you're using it, it will get thrown in the dirt on the weekends!
Don't forget to ENJOY your weekends!

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