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Wrist Guards, and the Most Common Mountain Bike Injuries

By Truthman - Posted on 02 February 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Wrist guards: I have tried quite a few different wrist guards on my bike: skating, snowboarding, and even expensive mountain-bike specific ones made by 661. I finally settled with some wristguards made by Rollerblade, (already on my second set):

They are very sturdy, and have saved me from a broken wrist I am sure. They are very uncomfortable for the first week or so (sore palm), but after that you don't notice them, now I do +50km of all-mountain riding with them, including technical stuff, no problems. I wear them with gloves that don't have padding on the palm of the hand.

I believe wrist injuries are among the most common injuries in mountain biking.

Here are some research links on the main injuries in bike accidents:

So, I think The main problems (and possible solutions) are:

Wrist (Wrist guards, or gloves with wrist protection)
Shoulder/collarbone (Shoulder pads)
Elbow (Elbow Pads)
Knee (Knee pads)
Ankle (Good high top shoes with ankle support)

A full-face helmet is of course a must for more serious riding...

Personally off-road (even XC) I always wear wrist guards, knee pads, XC helmet, and shoes with good ankle support.

I like to watch bike crashes in slow motion, and observing what the first points of contact are, and what are the likely injuries, aswell as why did the accident happen. Anyway, you can watch one of my crashes here:
First points of contact were hand (wrist) and knee... No injuries in case you are wondering...

Here is an example of a guy breaking his wrist going over the handle bars:


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