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By philberesford - Posted on 28 February 2010

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Hey guys
Have been pretty fecked off with commuting in all the wet weather we've had over the last month. Even if it's not raining and only the road is wet I still get a constant spray into my face, I wear glasses but they don't stop the rest of me from getting wet. So I'm considering buying a set of guards I can quickly chuck on if I know it's going to be more than a little damp out there.

I have been looking at the Topeak Defender on Chainreaction But was wondering what do you guys use (if any), and what would you recommend?

Answers on a postcard please...

The image below is my bike with the same front but a custom rear one. I ended up shortening the rear one more then shown in the picture as it is there to help protect running gear not me. The convenience of the front being removable without tools (leaving the bracket mounted) is good which I needed at the time as I was transporting my bike on my back seat. I did fit a bit of tape (you can't see it) where they slide on and off as there was a little movement causing a rattle. You really appreciate them on tracks like Perimeter knowing you can go straight through the area with the paddock run off and not get crap all over you Eye-wink


I have been riding with crudd catches for about a year, sooooo nice not to have skunk butt and the grit in your eyes, I have changed all the fitting bolts to wing nut styles put em on and take em off easy peasy.

I'm going to get wet either from the rain falling on me or from perspiration, so I haven't bothered with them for the commuter.

They don't seem to fit on Leftys anyway. Sticking out tongue

But if I was to race in a mudfest, I might well change my opinion... and the way you've mounted them Christoffa doesn't look half bad. Smiling

my partner and i both got the front and rear defenders a few years ago as we were doing the sydney to gong and the weather forecast was for rainy conditions. we have since used them for general mtbing and they certainly save you getting covered in mud or sand, and avoid mud/sand getting in your mouth/eyes. i would recommend them for commuting, social mtb and racing - they are easy to put on, don't weigh too much, seem to be pretty durable and they do the job.

I am using the Topeak rear guard.

It helps a bit, not 100% but defiantly stops a lot of the mud being kicked up all over my back.

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