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6.7 Reign?

By Rob - Posted on 15 February 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Interesting... (erm, maybe, depending on your view)...

I was in Cranks (Alfred St, North Sydney) at lunchtime picking up a crank extractor.

No, that's not the interesting bit. They had a few Giant Trance '6.8' Reign 6.7 bikes there. Apparently these are limited release and have more travel (does the '6.7' refer to inches?) than the standard Trance Reign. They also had a spiffy carbon or graphite like paint job and decals.

Might be worth a look for those seeking something more DH orientated but with still a bit of XC ability.

Update Ooops... sorry, seems it's was a 6.7 Reign I was looking at. Doh! Eye-wink There's a story here:


Never heard of the 6.8 Trance Rob...
The 07 models have 4.2 inches of travel as oppesed to 4 on the 06.
perhaps 6.8 is a play on the year model as in 06.8 not quite 07...hmm stretching I know...
the difference in travel of 0.2 inches is close to 6mm ?? could it be..? an extra 6.8mm of travel... ; P

Let me know if you find a better explanation...


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