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New eye wear?

By Ian G - Posted on 01 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi guys

Can anyone offer any advice on a new pair of sunnies for riding in. They need to have interchangable lenses for different light conditions and not cost a million bucks. Any advice greatly received.


I understand Specialized make some great sunglasses which are ultra tough & have transition type lenses specifically for MTB purposes. They retail from around $199 here in Aust.
Cheers, Sean

have a big range of Specialised glasses to drool over.

Yes I've finally found someone there that nows about customer service and am starting to be swayed

All I can say in this regard is that I had some Serfas (with 3 interchangeable lenses)... and they broke after a few months. Shame, cos they seemed quiet nice until that point.

Perhaps I was unlucky... am taking them back for replacement. Will let you know how that turns out.

I also had a pair of Serfas that also broke after 3 months - I sent them back (purchased online) and they are organising a new pair.

The longest lasting glasses I have (still going strong after about 3 years) are a pair of low light safety glasses from Bunnings - not interchangeable, not fashionable, but they cost something like $30 and they outlast everything and they are tough enough to survive MTB abuse.


They do some decent quality glasses with three sets of lenses for about $90 I think. They're in the left hand display case on the ground floor counter.


My suggestion would be to purchase any cheap $20 sunnies that have rubber lining to grip the side of your head. Shatter proof plastic lenses are the go. Why $20? Well, if you break them or lose them, who cares? Expensive glasses are not the big show for MTB'ing.

Thank you so much guys, you have given me loads to think of - and all I can think is damn my old glasses for breaking. I did get them in 1990 so maybe it is time for a new pair.

I have a pair of Rudy Project Perception made by Rudy Project with the flipup technology, got them cheap off ebay "ex-demo", I think they are quite good, but not as comfy as my other cheaper ones. But the flipup is nice because you can flip the front layer up, when you need to. I only use them with one layer (tinted non-prescription) as I don't wear glasses, I mainly got them because my other sunnies fog up when wearing a full-face helmet, these ones don't fog as easily, and if they do you just flip it up. the clear lenses are detachable, as is the tinted layer. So you can use them in three different configurations. Anyway, they seem very well made (in Italy). I guess it would be good to have two layers, as the top one would protect the more expensive clear prescription lenses underneath, and you could also get various tints for various conditions.

I'll check those Rudy Project Glasses out - I need prescription one, and they seem cool with interchangeable lenses.

I bought mine a few months ago at Anaconda. They were only 20,- and have three sets of lenses. Clear, yellow and sunnies. Happy so far.

anaconda, do you have a link we could put up on the site?

Anaconda is this relatively newly opened outdoor shop out west in Lidcombe: Auburn Power Centre, 92 Paramatta Rd.

They have outdoor clothes, tents etc., climbing gear, bikes + gear, fishing stuff....

Apart from other brands they have their own bike and bike gear brand "fluid" don't ask me if any good and I remember some Kona bikes.


These glasses are awesome, really comfortable.
interchangeable lenses, removable sweat band on top. designed for cycling. i had a pair which i lost (stupidly) - i went out and bought another pair of the same glasses, cos i loved them so much.

I have been using a pair of ProRace sunnies, possibly the Bullet model, for the last 2 years. They come with 4 interchangable lenses (yellow, red, black and clear). Got them for $20 off ProBikeKit.

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