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Bike cleaning products

By cambo - Posted on 29 March 2010

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Just got back from the Mont and the bike looks like it has been across the Oodnadatta track and back. Cleaning the car will be easy but the bike is up for a full strip and rebuild. At the Mont I saw a lot of people spraying their bikes all over with a pump pack with some type of solution. I was too sore to get off my arse and walk over to them to ask what is was. Does anyone out there know what it may have been or any recommendations that you use

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I use CT 120 , it's called truck clean , but used well diluted with water in a pump spray pack, let it soak for a bit , hose off and presto..! works for me.......

When you say well diluted is it like a 5:1 or 10:1 ratio?

+1 Muc off is great stuff - but don't leave it on for too long before washing off -it'll wreck your paintwork

CT22 - Truck wash Gold

Where do you get it from?

I RECKON 20:1 A BIT MORE THAN A CAP FULL IN A LITRE .....PLAY AROUND WITH IT DEPENDING ON HOW DIRTY YOUR BIKE IS.There are a few truck washes out there , ive used the 'CT' range (from auto parts stores)....careful not to mix it too strong...theres no need for excess..

You can get that stuff from auto stores like repco.

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