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Prescription sunnies

By flobach - Posted on 04 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi everyone,

I need some nice sunnies for riding (i.e. light, covers your eyes etc etc) - but they need prescription lenses in them *hgrmph*

Anyone hav e any experiences or ideas of places where to look?



Sorry mate, sounds obvious but I think its about the only place you'll get 'em

Again obvious... but have you tried contact lenses? I wear glasses in the office and stuff, but for sports always found contacts the best.

If want a greater choice of brands/frame etc. contacts are the way forward. Replacing your glasses are a lot simpler i.e. when they don't have prescription lens, and if you do long rides or rides that go into the night, then you don't have to worry about bringing a second pair, unless you're wanting to go for the Ray Charles look...

In my experience though, I have found contacts to be more hassle than they're worth. When I got dust/mud/salt in my eyes, contacts would exaggerate the situation to such a point that I would have to remove the contact(s). This kind of situation would force me to bring a pair of prescription glasses anyway thus negating the point I made earlier.
Downside is that depending on the weakness of your eyes, one is limited to the choices of sunglasses. The curvature of the frame limits the thicker lens being used, so I have been told by 3 optometrists. I also had to pay more for the prescription lens I wanted because they were made specifically for the frame. Again, I'm not sure if this is true and I was just gullible but I'm faced with a 2 week delay for a replacement if I damage a lens.

I must admit, I do multiple outdoor sports and I'm getting frustrated with my vision to such a point that I'm considering something drastic, like surgery...

I am considering getting presciption sunnies also. I think oakley might do prescription lens to suit their M frame range(have a pair of normal ones,really nice). I havent looked into it yet & only going by what others have told me.

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