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Port 12 hr enduro

By corryn69 - Posted on 06 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

For those who are interested, a tribe of us has returned form a successful venture to the Port 12 hr enduro. What an amazing event, we definetly have some goals to achieve now. An absolutley perfect track with everything in it. 8+ ks long but realistically rideable by any standard. We will be planning a day trip sometime in the future, will keep you posted on that one. Results are up at

The 4 boys from Rainbow Cycles did a four man team and smashed it. If they didn't break a chain, which reflected in their lap 9 split time of 36+ minutes, they would have won their division. Rowan from Bob Wallis had some painfull night issues but after a nice 2hr+ nap, woke up firing and raced solidly to finish high in the solo placing's of 8th overall. Terry Bernut from Corindi, had a great start before snapping a hanger and unfortunately couldn't find a spare anywhere. My brother, Michael Hawke, started his second ever race in the solo division on a loan bike which he had never ridden before and rode in hiking boots before he hit the pre-dawn wall and like Rowan had a nice little sleep. Like Rowan he awoke with flair and gusto and punched out some nice laps. He tired around smoko and decided to share his bike with Terry so they could both post a finish time and enjoy the awesome track.

Jeff and Adrian started in a two man team and had no real goals set, as this was their first night ride. The excitement and lack of sleep got the better of the boys. They started fast and for the first six hours, set a pace which gave them that fantastic feeling of lapping the second team in their division. Adrian hit the pre-breakfast wall for a while which can be seen around lap 10-13 before the sun came up and gave a whole new light on the race. They were still a lap ahead and increasing their lead so it was basically enjoy the track and don't break anything. The last lap saw Adrian come into the finishing area at 11.45 and the boys decided it was not worth going out on another lap, so sat around until the 12hr mark and rolled over with a comfortable win.

There were a bunch of familiar faces from our 3hr enduro local races. It was awesome to see the too young guns Josh and Jack smashing their way through the forest in the dark. Josh was still throwing himself off every possible jump after the 10 hr mark.

Thanks again to everyone from Port Macquarie for putting together such an impressive race. We can't wait to do it again. Congratulations to everyone on their achievements and i hope to see you all at race one of the next series on sunday 11/03.

We have posted a copy of this on our website with photos to come.

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