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shimano 9 spd chain

By Boris - Posted on 07 April 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all

1 link on chain is bent, tried to disconnect with chain breaker to no avail, do you need special tool due to rivet head, or is it just the driver ?

I had the same thing on a Shimano HG73 chain and was able just to use the chain breaker on a decent, but basic, tool to punch out the pins and then used a couple of links taken from the same chain when I bought it and some spare pins to put it all back together. It has held together fine since then.

I did have to wind it beyond what I initially thought I would have to but I guess the rivet heads need to be pretty strong so this makes sense.

So technically speaking, the rivetts should just push through using chainbreaker ? Can you then just reasemble using quicklink etc...

that use a quick link or take a rivet out of a spare chain if you have one or go to the LBS to see if they have spare rivets or pay them a few dollars to fix it

remove damaged link with your chainbreaker. then rejoin with a sram powerlink. $ 7.00 from your LBS.

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