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mountain biking friendly flat/house

By Sasco - Posted on 08 April 2010

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First off, I am not really sorry for maybe an off topic... hmm..

I am a New Zealand citizen of Russian origin and am moving to Sydney to take up a permanent job IT. However, I am quite passionate about mountain biking and so I am wondering what would be an optimal area to live - closer to MTB trails and trains that take you to CBD. Any pointers/hints would be very much appreciated.

Moreover, if someone is looking for a really nice flatmate with a PhD in mathematics and a passion for mountain biking look no further - I am your perfect flatmate..

You could contact me on

Best wishes, Sasha

Chatswood could work. It's on the train line. And it's just a short drive across the Roseville Bridge to Terrey Hills, Manly Dam, Red Hill etc.

Another option would be somewhere like Kirrawee or Loftus in the south. Several quality MTB tracks that you can ride to directly, and a direct train to the CBD.

Transport in Sydney is pretty poor. Example: it takes me almost 2 hrs door to door to get the 29km from where I live near Manly Dam to work at Sydney Olympic Park by private charter bus, and public buses and private cars are no better. The riding is great at the northern beaches, but the travel is doing me in. (Work moved location after I joined, for those wondering.)

Depending on the route, cycle commuting can be an effective option (eg, Northern Beaches to Sydney CBD), but drivers in Sydney treat cyclists pretty poorly. I rode to work in the city for 3 years without major incident, but I've been hit twice by cars in 5 trips between SOP and home.

Just sayin' a balance needs to be struck, is all.

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