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GPS Advice

By Daz - Posted on 08 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All,

I am considering the Garmin Edge 305 as the main use is for the bike and I like, google mapping etc

Wondering how suitable this device is or what alternatives there are for other uses:

Sailing? or sync to laptop for coastal/inshore navigation etc
Basemap with display?

Is there a device that does it all?

Cheers Daz.


The Edge 305 is bloody good for the bike. Motionbased is also a great site - it's just a shame that you don't a get a years full subscription with a Garmin device (seeing as they own MB). The PC S/W that came with the edge is pitiful compared to online MB.

The Edge used to crash a lot for me, but teething troubles have since been sorted with S/W upgrades, so now have no problem recommending it.

If you want to run with one though, you'll need a small bumbag or similar to put it in - I'm not aware of any wrist strap they have, but maybe you can build one (similar to an iPod arm strap). I've skied and skated with it, would also take it paddling too - great fun.

You might want to consider the Forerunner 305 which is the same thing, but in a wrist mounted device. Smaller screen and this doesn't appear to have barometric altimeter either - which is a good addition given GPS altitude isn't so accurate.

As for mapping and navigation - no, that's not what these devices are about (very rudimentary breadcrumb trail of where you've been - or pre-loaded course is all you'll get). Although you can plug it into a PC with decent S/W and do things that way. Get a bigger handheld unit if that's important to you (although then you won't get HR or cadence monitors).

I tried to do a fair bit of shopping before buying but my best advice is to go into a shop and ask.

I bought my GPS handheld at the following shop, they have stores in most major cities and are very professional, they didnt try to upsell me....i did that on my own Smiling

Try them out if you have time to get out there they are in Strathfield.

good luck

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