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Sunday Morning 11-3-07, Jump/ Launch/ Rollover Training

By pikey - Posted on 10 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Don't forget everyone! Tomorrow morning!

8:00am at Hews Reserve, Hews Pde, Belrose.

For an exciting morning mastering your technical mountain bike skills.
A perfect opportunity for new riders to join the more experienced “lol” and be guided in the finer points of staying upright Eye-wink

If you get lost call me 0431 703 266

See Ya's There!


PS: and if we get enough interest we can ride over and do Cascades after. (Hmmm, hills)


couldn't find the old thread...but I'll be joining Smiling

Mmmmmm, niiiicccce!! Laughing out loud

I will be there sometime around 8:00, or just a bit after. I'll also need to decide whether to have breakfast beforehand. Or wait for breakfast after, and have a big brekkie for lunch. My favourite! Oh, the choices!

Can't ride Cascades though. I will be saving energy for a Manly Dam lap in the late arvo.

count me in for the rollover/drop-offs in the morning..see you there.

Also havent ridden cascades before, im up for a ride there if it goes ahead.


just got in from 17 hrs at work so not going to make it this time. Very keen for another time though.

Thanks for the ride guys. Good fun

I don't have access to upload photos here yet so I've put them on my public gallery.
Pics turned out ok......Focus was a bit of an issue with moving targets but you get the idea Smiling

If anyone wants the full 8MP photos of any particular shot just give me your email address and I'll send it over.

Or direct link to the album

great ride this morning,

pics look good too,

looks like you all had fun...Liam, how can you ride without breakfast? you are mad!

MEE Smiling

Those pictures are wicked. Even still, when you are up at the top looking down, the pictures never do complete justice to the elevation. Anyway, we'll see how the other ones come out. More to come!!!

Interesting... some of the larger drop-offs snaps look like we have been superimposed into the shots. Must be the flash effect from the camera. They look a bit funny, but I can assure you all that we definitely were launching off the highest ledge. Ben, your camera technique looks A1 mate - no complaints here. Eye-wink

Christine, this was not the hardest ride ever - fitness wise. It was all very reserved. The only really difficult part that pushed us was riding up the Cascades firetrail back towards the car. A 20 minute uphill slog. But everyone made it. You would have loved this ride. It was cool fun.

A great day out everyone - thanks Greg! - something we will have to do again in a few months.


I don't have access to upload photos here yet

And lo... it was so Eye-wink You should be able to add an image now.

Erm... oops... must fix the optin module :">

Thanks Rob
I'll now try and work out how to add images into the Techniques folder in the photo gallery.

Yeah I was going to use no flash but then we probably would have been black shadows against that brightly lit soccer field.

It's a fantastic spot to practice dropoffs though. Will definitely be going back to improve my noobish technique Smiling

Thanks to Greg & everyone else for a great morning. Learned lots about jumping.

Woke up with a very tight shoulder this morning (the surgery-ed shoulder), it might have been from when I stacked it on the small jump....also found one of the derailleur cables on the bike has ripped =\

Was a bit late, but good fun (to watch!). Still find it hard to push myself to do stuff after a nasty stack before Christmas last year...still paranoid =\

next time!

Hi there,

thanks Greg and everyone for the great time on Sunday! Learned heaps, almost had a heart attack followed by an awesome Adrenaline rush and rode Cascades for the first time -what a great track!!??- Perfect day Smiling
Thanks for posting the pictures Buck, they are really great!


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