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Servicing Shocks and Forks

By jpack - Posted on 18 April 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I think my forks and shock need a service. (Fox 36 Float R and Fox DHX 3.0)

How easy/difficult is it to service them?

Are any special tools required?

whats spares (seals, oil, etc) do i need to replace?

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There are some really good tutorials on the fox website if you want to give it a go. Whisperer might pipe in, he has done lots of these.

You "can" do them yourself, and I have in the past but recently I costed up the parts and figured I would let Pros do them. Depends when it was last done. If it only needs seals and foam rings you should be all right, anything else take it to the shop. I never found a cheap place to get the seals for the rear shocks, so that usually goes to the shop. I do take mine apart and clean it once in a while though, and swap the grease. Make sure you get the right stuck, they recommend slick honey but I have had my local "grease engineer" to check out the specs and there are other makes that have the same properties.

I've done both the rear shock and forks (seal/foam rings in both & new oil in the forks)- as above, the instructions on the Fox website are good, as well as Youtube

The rear shock is pretty easy- you basically let all the pressure out of it, take it off the bike, unscrew it, remove the old seals, give it a clean with some isopropyl alcohol, put the new seals/fluid on, screw back up & reinstall. I'd say a 30 min job if you've done it before.

The forks contain a fair bit of oil- you need a tray or something to catch it- definitely an outside/shed job. You need exacly the right sized socket to take off the top nut- something like a 19mm - that nut is a shallow aluminium one- don't think an adjustable shifter will do it (it would wreck it) The forks are probably a 60 min job.

I'm no mechanical expert& kinda enjoy knowing how to do this stuff myself- avoiding the hassle & expense of sending to the shop helps too.

If you happen to be ordering any bike bits from o/s websites etc, you will probalby find the seal kits are much cheaper & it is worth stocking up. For example a Float seal kit would cost around $8 in the U.S- here it is around $25-30 Note Fox dealers in the U.S are not meant to ship overseas- they seem to like to protect the AU dealers (& their markups)

Hi Guys, a bit of a very late reply, I know.
Shocks can be repaired by EMR in Perth. You need to remove off the bike and install by yourself. I just got mine done in a hurry and the work was really good. 24 hours turnaround if required.

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