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Endura Optimizer

By Rob - Posted on 12 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

As promised, quick review as it were of this Optimizer (sic) drink. Yes, even though it's apparently made in Aus, the manufacturers insist on the dumb ass US spelling.

Anyhow, so I chugged down the chocolate flavour for breakie on Saturday morning, before the 42Km ride we did.

First off, this wasn't easy to stomach. Tasted a tiny bit like Milo (yes, tiny, tiny bit) even though there's no milk involved (you mix with water). However, there was a rather nasty aftertaste. Can't quiet put my finger on it... maybe a bit like yeast... perhaps a bit like stale beer even (yeah - that went down well after Friday night's slight excess!).

In case you don't see what I'm saying - won't be using this again on taste grounds alone.

To be honest though, I wasn't so sure if it gave me any extra energy or not. If the taste had been better might try again. Had a banana with this as part of breakie and just felt kindof normal to be honest. Not that there's any real science here - how does one subjectively test this kind of thing?

FWIW I ate 2 Powerbars, 700ml of Gatorade and 2.5l of water during the ride and one Gu. Surprise, surprise, the Gu had the biggest impact - feels like some sort of sugar hit probably 20-30 mins later - hmmmmm... sugar Eye-wink

I'm not even sure there's a real distinction but I think stuff like Endura is supposed to stave off fatigue rather than fill you with a boost of energy, which it does by keeping you full of the things that keep your muscles working smoothly that you sweat out. I use their powdered Raspberry stuff albeit very watered down, and it has had a noticeable impact on my recovery and endurance.

I go for the weak Endura solution during a ride over Gu, combined with a big breakfast and regular nibbles as it works for me. I'm not convinced a BIG impact is what you're after from a regular use sports supplement.

Leppin stuff also seems to work OK, the yellow sachet juice, very palatable, not too heavy and full of the right stuff, also not too expensive.

Endura isnt there to stave off fatigue like you had mentioned, It mainly an electrolyte, sodium and magnesium replenishing drink,
This will help stop the onset of cramping,
To offset fatigue i recommend the double espresso Gu..............mmmmmmmm....just remember you want to use it approx 30mins before you need it, which is probably the hardest thing to remember.

Ta Dreggsy, that's exactly what it says on the tin in fact ;-}

I was always a warm cup of milky tea pom rather than this newfangled espresso flavour stuff, and don't mention iced tea .

Now where's my 'bent and tweed with elbow pads

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