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Cree XR-E Q2 is here

By Rob - Posted on 21 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just got this from Cutter:

For those of you waiting with backorders on the Q2, great news, Cree has released a limited amount and we have managed to get shipped 1000 pcs. As soon as they arrive we will ship your backorders and can supply further qty's.

To refresh, Cree XR-E Q2 bin is
Minimum Luminous
Flux @350 mA (lm) 87.4 Lumens

Maximum Luminous
Flux @350 mA (lm) 93.9 Lumens

and now qualified to 1 Amp these will max out at 210 Lumens.

$4.03 more than P3s.

Get 'em while they're hot... daylight savings ends this week doesn't it? Eye-wink


I got that email too.
3 days after I ordered the P4 binned LEDs!Ohhh wells few less lumens. Will just have to crank the ones I bought to 1000mA to make up the difference Smiling


the chances are yours won't have shipped yet and you will be able to change the order. I'm pissed because only about a month ago, after having the Q2 on order for sometime, I actually spoke to Cree in the states and was told there would be none available here until July / August at the earliest. Any, such is life.

Just called them and the order hasn't been shipped yet. Lets hope they can change all the LEDs to the Q2 bin....waiting for email now.


Got the order changed to Q2 bin LEDs
Now should be able to push out over 200 lumens at 1A. Looking forward to putting this all together!

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