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WWS round 3 (8hr) 15th April - Anyone doing this?

By Matt - Posted on 25 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

By the sounds of it round two was a mudwrestle... Is anyone going for round 3 and fancy either teaming up or just meeting up for it? I've not done an 8-hr before but I'm pretty keen to give it a go.

Here's the link:


It sounds kindof tempting... Penrose Forest had some nice sniggle in it couple years back, perhaps the train fairies have been busy replacing it (was logged end of last year I think).

Dunno if I want to do 8 hours solo at this stage, but a team effort could be good.

Aye I could do the team thing too, just means you have to go a bit harder on your laps ;-} (that would be the royal "your" before you start to think my head's 2 foot wide)

Let me know if you're sure and I'll have a look at the entries. Might do to wait a few days too (before entering) just in case there's more who fancy teaming and it works out as an odd number, in which case I'll solo.

I won't charge you for my mechanical skills either, finely honed by decades of breaking bikes (gets up from computer and falls over duallie...)


Ah... doh! Although I have plans on the 15th. Erm... and don't you? Eye-wink

So, sorry... no can do.

But I have a feeling this is on when there is a ride scoping out the convict road (dirt works cicuit)that I had seen posted but cant find the link .If not then I'm keen.

p.s Matt Ive got a connex link for you .Steve

You could well be right about the DW look-see. I'll see you then if not before.

Also no stress about the link, I've about half a dozen lying around from old chains!


the great north ride was for the Saturday 21st April, not sure where the link has gone. Rob could you help with the link, otherwise i will start a new one.
I want to do an 8hr this yr (maybe solo or pairs), probably will go for Newcastle or one of the others depending on location

Don, I've created that GNR entry for you:

Linked to the original post. We need to figure out the exact time and meeting point, but as for the date - sounds good to me.

Please follow up about that ride in the thread above.

thanks Rob


I have done the first two rounds of the working week series as part of a two person team & can honestly recommend it to anyone wanting to give it a go. The events are really well run & all the people have been super freindly so far.

Even the mud fest that was round two was pretty good.

Unfortunately I wont be able to do the third round, but hope to see some of you at the last three rounds.

I think Flo was looking for a partner for round two, maybe he might be interested in joining up with someone for next one.


I'll second the above comments - the WWS are really good fun. 8 hours is long enough for a good day out and a really good test if you want to do 24hr races at some point, either in teams or solo. And no hassles with lighting!

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