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Dirtworks camping

By Matt - Posted on 25 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'll be camping at the 'works and it sure would be noice if we could rustle up a posse roun the camp-fire to eat beans and tell tall tales.

Any ol timers been an' done this previous like, send a smoke signal 'bout the wagon train arrangements (ie. if there's any chance of getting close camping spots and when you have to turn up to do so etc.)

(doffs stetson and falls over his own spurs)


Yes, sir-eee!

Will be camping too, see you there? Although hitching a wagon with at least one other person would be useful.

Anyone want to drive up with me?

Hi Matt,
Was thinking exactly the same thing. Would be great to get the group together on this one.


Happy to convoy up there, lets sort that out closer to the date though.

Is it relatively easy to get a reasonable sized camping area for us?


This guy, Curly, is a true cowboy.
One of the last real men. He's untamed.
Next to him, we're trained ponies.
It'll do us good to be in his world for a while. going to be a real hoot with all these cowboys..talking trail talk
..will be bringing bacon for the cook out!

Can we do the Yee hah...scene... anytakers

This is going to be fun people

Yep will be there, looking for my chaps....may take some time to dig up from the back of the barn.

didn't know you were that sort of cowboy Sammy. Must introduce you to some of my wild west friends ;-}

... back in topicland, for you uncomfortable types, can anyone answer the original question! How easy is it to group up the camping arrangements at the dirt-works? If it's never going to happen then I'll be going for the pre-sorted tent options that DW are offering.


It's easy enough to secure a nice area if you get in early. At least a couple of us need to show and put up tents and kindof do a land grab.

They will send out a map of the area closer to the start and there are several fields to choose from. IIRC, both times I've been in the one out front of The Fickle Wombat (ah... lookie here). There's a large line of trees between this field and the pub (not that it's noisy anyhow).

So, who's going early to stake out NoBMoB territory?

for the Winnabago!


and get there early. just got to find some camping gear now...

You can hire camping equipment from the camping store in Thornleigh pretty cheap....much cheaper i think than the recommended place on the dirtjerks site.

Check em out if you need gear.

I have a stove and cooking implements....can get my hands on some extra fold up chairs i'm sure.

I'm keen to get out there at a reasonable hour on the sat to set up and chill out.

unless hire is extremely cheap i wouldnt bother
just buy the stuff you need
go to, check out the catalogue
dome tent $30
blow up matress $20 (make sure you buy the right size for the tent you get)
lantern $24 (can not even buy one, use a torch instead) or cheaper from kmart
sleeping bag $40
go to bunnings and get a fold up chair with drink holder for $8.99
thats all you need for 1 night camping, especially when most of the night will be at the pub. Dont take any stuff for cooking food, waste of time for 1 night, eat at the pub, nice steak and chips there.
Then you have the gear ready for the next time
Take pillow and thick blankets from home and your done

I'm almost tempted just to block the windows in the car with old sheets and sleep in the back to be honest. Fold the seats down in a wagon, toss in your sleeping matt and there you are. Mind you - not sure that will work for Matt in an Ashtray will it? 8-|

Just remember it was 4 degrees C when we woke up last year - whatever you do, you need a plenty warm bag or doonah!

And I quote: "Toss in the sleeping Matt"

You planning something intimate for those 4'C temps??

(Wide awake) Matt.

rather than flattered? Either way Matt I'd be getting a lock for your tent or atleast something to inflate and act as decoy.

No, no... by 'sleeping Matt' I mean something my Exped or Thermarest.

Gutter mind!

I have room in a tent if anyone needs a spot..
Planning to get their early and setup up an area Saturday!.
Just pm me!



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