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By kazzmadhu - Posted on 27 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi. Just read through forums on bike lights and thought I'd try making my own to bike ound my area (Western Sydney) near some lakes. I bought battery 6v 1.3AH/20HR and halogen globe (12v 50watt)
from Jaycar's advice. Wondering if the wattage was OK? Bought a 50mm PVC pipe and holder to mount on the bike. Spent about $40.



I have done this a few times, and the last set I build have lasted me for over 4 years now.

I recommend the following:\
12v not 6v at least 3ah sealed lead acid battery. Get from Jaycar or Dick smith. Swop the one you got.
A cheap 12 volt battery charger from Supercheap auto or similar (must have slow charge or trickle charge function) to charge the bugger between rides.
35/36 mm sealed dichoric halogen 10 watt and 20 watt halogens from Buniings or similar

The 3 ah battery fits nicely in a bottle cage, and the 10 watt and 20 watt combination with switches of course will give you a respectible run time and generate less heat than the 50 watt. Remember to get twice as much light as a 10 watt you need a 100 watt buld. but it uses 10x more power.

Unless you have a machine shop or a friend with access to one, use silicon sealer to glue the bulbs into whatever tubing you plan to use, and hose clamps or similar to clamp on handlebars.

That is about as cheap and nasty as you can get and still have something functional.

Good luck

Thanks. Changed the light and battery using your advice. Now I have to attach the light to the handlebar. Have a mounting and 50mm PVC pipe for the light. The battery fits perfectly into the bottle cage.Great idea.

Karen (:

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