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Maxxis Coffs Mountain Marathon

By Rob - Posted on 28 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.



Pine Creek Forest, Bonville - 15 minutes south of Coffs Harbour. We have been working hard with all the authorities at Coffs Harbour to bring you this fantastic new course all set in the beautiful rainforest of Pine Creek Forest at Bonville. This is pure mountain bikers heaven with 95% of the course off road with lots of flowing singles, fire trails. Ride from Bonville through the forest nearly to Bellingen and back to the start at Bonville. Course Map & profile coming soon.

Event page is here.

Now there's a good excuse to get up to Coffs and try out those juicy looking trails we have had reports of.

I'm tempted... esp. since it's the month after the Dirtworks and we should still all be in half decent shape Eye-wink

can't find it, what distance qualifies it for a "Marathon"?

I believe the distance would be a 100Km. Yes, it should really say, shouldn't it? It says at the top on the huge image - 50 or 100Km options.

Notice there's also a 25Km supporting race.

It does, check the image on the top of the section. To qualify as a marathon a race should be a minimum of 60km and 3hours long. For a championship event this is increased to 80km and 4 hours

Sounds very interesting, will be entering this one for sure, any excuse to travel north Smiling

and i have a good friend who lives in bonville...could be handy!

MEEE Smiling

This is tempting one.


a hell of a long way to drive for me to ride 25km!!

Do the 100km instead Smiling

That will make it worth the drive!

with me!! my friend lives about 1/2 k from the golf course...!!!!
come on, you know you want to drive 12 hours to ride 50k!!!

S*&t what am I doing.

Have just signed up for the 50, hope everyone else showing interest will come through, long way to go for 50km on my own.

Time to start training

I'm tempted but it's a bloody long way away! Flights aren't too expensive but I'm not sure they're at the right time. How are you doing it?


Mate, you're mental!

OK - I'll be in that Eye-wink

9-Lives mentions flying, but by the time you've packed your bike, been to the airport, waited around, had to re-assemble the bike, etc, etc, etc don't think it'll save much time at all. We might as well stick 2-3 in a car and drive up. I wouldn't drive all that way alone, but even with two drivers reckon would be fine.

Someone told Pratiwi that these kinds of thing are no fun... doh! Give me a while to talk her into the 50!

Am signed up for the 100km.
Hope the dirtworks will be fun otherwise I will have to downgrade! Smiling

I think driving is the way to go. Also want to take off the Monday to check out some other trails in the area (probably only the downhill one's though cause I think paddeling won't feel good the day after Smiling!! The post a few weeks ago about coffs sounded awesome.

Let's make it a long weekend from Saturday to Monday?!

I've been thinking about entering this also,hopefully will have my new bike by then it would be a great ride to test it on

I probably wouldn't put off signing up for this too long. It's one of those rare rides that is easy driving from both Sydney and Brissy so I think it will attract crowds from both. Also numbers are capped at 500

I will be driving, bike in car, and I think I already have another passenger and their bike but will keep all informed. May be able to take another rider but doubt I would get three bikes and luggage into the beast. I agree with Rob, flying won't save much time, still need transport up there on the weekend and by the time you take into account the cost of getting to and from the airport at both ends I don't think it will be any cheaper than driving.

Carolin, was thinking of throwing in the golf clubs and maybe hitting Bonville golf course Monday, will have to wait and see on that one though

Just lots of training Smiling. Im entered for the 100km.

Should be an awesome weekend, hope we get an excellent turn out like we have for dirtworks.

Golf or downhill on monday, mmm... think im leaning towards downhill.

Just wondering is anyone else up for this, if your interested dont leave it to late. Will sell out quickly I would imagine. Should be a great weekend away.

100Km, I must be mad Smiling


just the 50 - so looking forward to it!!
Stuart, you had better ride it with me! coming?

MEEEE Smiling

MTB bug 50km bites me again

Registration still open

Now just have to figure out how i am going to get there - definitely not driving by myself

Any one interested in going by car pooling? train? plane? (it has to be with Virgin Blue as they allow bikes with no addition cost). Please PM me

50km's of "Pleasure and Pain in the Great Outdoors" what more could one want in the middle of Winter?


According to the Wikipedia article on the UCI Cross Country Marathon the rules indicate that a marathon course is between 40km and 120km.

Here I am ...just entered the hundred k for Coffs.
Flowers loving hippies pack your bags for the Promised land...
As a Coffs boy I can't resist going all out on this one...

See you guys and gals soon
: ))

Not quite right, the minimum distance for a marathon is 60km (and 3hours). For world cup, Continental Championships (eg Oceanias) and World Championships this increases to 8km and 4 hours. There's no specific maximum time or distance for the event, this is covered by the general rules that limit the time length of the race.

After all the talk about it, forgot to sign on!

By the by, rumour has it that Mr "I-secretly-long-to-wear-full-spandex-body-suits" Ditty is doing this one???

Well well, it looks like the rumour control is in full swing. In this case it appears that it has got things right. Laughing out loud

bring on the big ton! just signed up for the coffs event, website says entries close 1st of june.. made it just in time.

...for the endurance junkies Sticking out tongue I will try not to drink all the beer before you cruise in Lee!

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