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How to be... awesome!

By Rob - Posted on 28 July 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Say no more Eye-wink


Until you had made the plastic clippers that you attached the rear frame of the bike to make that awesome clicking sound as you rode past as a kid, that and the clip on things you would put on your spokes that would move up and down!

That 10 speed shifter is SICK

Kent are the innovators
Time for the rest to lift their game

i'm sorry but i think that ad is awesome!! gotta love the bum bag and shades , god i miss rocking that look!!

I get the mushroom grips. Nice. I get the low rise handlebar. Very sweet. But what is the Special Purpose ? Maybe the R&D Team at Kent have something special in the new model ?

@D-on... that 'Special Purpose' seems to be either pointing to the top tube padding, or the kids groin! Either way, not sure I want to know!!

I imagine that was a "new innovation", funky and cheap, at the time. Which looks like it's bang out of the 80's?? Probably about the same time that I bought my Malvern Star Tarago mtb - a 6 speed rigid wonder at the time iirc, with no top tube padding but...

I remember the following discussion when I was a lad:

"Woh, where are your pads man?"
"I removed them to save weight"


I cant tell the difference betwen that kid and your photo. Is that you as a lad?

That kid is too cool by far. I had a cr@ppy fold up bike for riding on the dirt!

Early 80's I remember. Heavy as, but an awesome jump machine. Eventually cracked the frame through in front of the shock eye. Back pedal brakes and I remember having great chunks out of my ankles every time my foot slipped and caught the sharp edge of the crank near the cotter pin.

The Kid is wearing a TUBES T Shirt, the TUBES one of the mostest awesome bands of the 70's & 80's with classics like "Mondo Bondage", "White Punks on Dope" and "Boy Crazy" not to mention"Mr. Hate", "Power Tools" . . . . explains the special purpose

Why does the kid have a special purpose groin ? Laughing out loud

when I was 11 or 12yr old the front shocks went on it first then I replaced them changed the seat , the mudflaps came off after a year I think , I cracked the frame & a mate welded it together& I think it is still floating around somewhere in the family I went to get it for the boy too ride when he is older

haha all i remember bout my bike when i was bout 6 or 7yrs old was yes it had those multicoloured things on the spokes that made noise (how i put up with it who knows ) and my sister and i had a basket with flowers which i remember telling my dad get it off get it off i want my bike to be like mattys' (my older brother) Smiling bring the 80's back xo

in about 75 i had a dragster single speed with a back pedal brake, chucked away the banana seat and sissy-bar, and fitted a solo seat, got a double gooseneck off a mate, and fitted moto-cross handlebars. I held the jump record at school for 3 years Smiling
Dunno what ever happened to that bike, Mum and Dad probly chucked it once I left home Sad

shorts - those lime green things look vaguely like knicks.

Where are the spokey dokes!!!

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