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Irate Ascents

By VC - Posted on 03 August 2010

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I've managed to get into the Angry doctor/irate intern 50km race this year....yay...! what sort of track is it, i believe there are a lot of short climbs , are the descents as common, should i be practicing lots of hill climbs.Lookin forward to this one.!

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There are lots and lots of hills Smiling

the only "good" news is that in the first 50 the up is mostly fire trail, but a lot of the down is sniggle. Some hill climb training would be recommended. Maybe like doing repeat downhill runs at Ourimbah or Awaba without a shuttle support......


You will be OK doing the 50km. Yes there are lots of climbs, but the number of riders in the field keep things to a relatively steady pace. Based on last time I went for a ride with you, I think you will finish around the 3 - 4 hour mark.

Let me know if you are keen for a training ride around the beaches. I am in the 100k and need to get back on the bike, after a couple of weeks off.


In saying that only done it once and only got through about 30km as i got 4 flats and a broken pump.. From what i saw lots of hills, flowy desents, even the odd jump or log ride if your feeling creative. The climbs are worth if for the desents. Pretty dry track too, heaps of dust, and usually pretty hot.

I'll do that. I'm rebuilding my bike at the moment , then i would like to get together for a good couple of rides, Ourimbah etc. thanks mate.

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