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Anyone lost a multi-tool on the Manly Dam?

By jimnobob - Posted on 18 April 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I was out on the Dam this morning about 6:30 and picked up a multi-tool that somebody had dropped. Was it you? If so then let me know the make and model. This will no doubt be an excellent excuse for me to finally join you lot for a ride.

Also, is it me or is it always more of a struggle to get around the dam early in the morning? Any tips?


Sorry mate but the multi-tool is not mine.

No excuses are needed my friend! Just come along to our next ride. These are all top people to ride with here - great fun and most skill and fitness levels are covererd.

And there are also better trails to learn on to improve your skills, if you have been running around the Dam for a while now. It can get a bit bland after the upteenth lap. Although, the Dam is still great fun. Eye-wink

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