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By VC - Posted on 10 August 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Got me a new rig to suit the wet conditions we have had lately, Note the Fox' Float' front fork...Dig it eh...?

should be on the bars not the wheels doh

I see your running tubeless tyres. Good call ...

Sticking out tongue

He he should try a NZ winter if you think this has been wet! This winter has been awesome for me!!

... steering angle Eye-wink

I'm not sure sitting side by side like that meets UCI regulations Puzzled

Believe it or not but I have actually tested the above trike with the Fox' Float' front fork in a downhill situation.
1992ish back in Canberra, a mate and I thought we would see how the trike went downhill at the old Hospital site. It didn't take the bumps too well, although it made it down the hill at some impressive speed, (sporting 40inch plus wheels) to the water. Upon re-entry into the water the not so impressive Fox Float Fork seperated from the frame. No major injuries resulted, just left with a double wheel 2man unicycle and a Fox Float Fork floating away.
Would not recommend trying the forks or attempting that stunt.
Was a good laugh though.


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