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Check list for hardware to take for my first 100km (Angry Dr.)

By CookPassBartridge - Posted on 10 August 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Now, first off, I'm aware I've picked a very, very bad race for my first 100km. I'm trying to do what I can to get myself conditioned for the race.

I'm turning my mind to making sure I've got sufficient supplies for the race. I'm preparing a check list and was hoping some of you kind people could comment on what I've missed off and what is over the top.

I understand this subject isn't as entertaining as a lot of websites out there ( being a good example), but if you could find time to comment, I'd be very grateful.

I feel sure there must be one of these somewhere already, but can't find it from the search.

The bike is a Gary Fisher Paragon (29inch hard tail with disk brakes front and back). My list so far goes:

1.) New tyres ahead of the race (current Bontrager xdx look a little flat from road use. I'm thinking something nice and knobbly)
2.) New disk pads front and back taking the current part-used ones with me as spares
3.) Crank Bros multi tool (19 piece I think, with chain splitter... that reminds me of Monty Python's Story of Brian. "What ever happened to the popular front?." "He's over there." "SPLITTER!!"... anyway)
4.) Pump with fat chamber to handle the volume of a 29 (securely fastened to my bike with additional cable ties on the pump holder)
5.) Spare chain with 'quick assembly' links. No tool required. Is this OTT? I don't trust the current one. A real numpty fitted it (me).
6.) Cable ties for any odds and sods that come astray
7.) spare 29inch inner tubes... probably 2-3.
8.) Tyre irons
9.) puncture repair kit.... just incase!
10.) a little amount of light gear oil for derailleur as it jammed during Capital Punishment 50km.
11.) Small adjustable spanner for seat posts, etc. that may come loose. (over the top?)

Considered and decided against:

1.) Spare gear changers
2.) Gear cables

Out of scope:

1.) food
2.) water supplies
3.) medical gear

Any comments?

1.) New tyres ahead of the race (current Bontrager xdx look a little flat from road use. I'm thinking something nice and knobbly)

No, no... get something that rolls well... erm... unless there is torrential rain before the event.

2.) New disk pads front and back taking the current part-used ones with me as spares

Why take worn out pads for use in an emergency? Toss them in the spares box and take some new ones.

5.) Spare chain with 'quick assembly' links. No tool required. Is this OTT?

Yeah OTT as a whole chain is too heavy. I carry a few extra links (the part you take off when fitting a new chain) just in case, but would never take a whole chain. Quick link as you say is very handy though.

10.) a little amount of light gear oil for derailleur as it jammed during Capital Punishment 50km.

... and a small rag.

11.) Small adjustable spanner for seat posts, etc. that may come loose. (over the top?)

Wouldn't your multi-tool cover this?

You sound like you have it mostly covered. Remember - do a long ride (75km?) couple weeks before the event carrying all the gear you will take, and eating/drinking the same stuff you want to have on the race. Don't try anything new on race day!

Good luck - sadly I missed out on an entry Eye-wink

You missed the defibrillator Eye-wink

Don't forget lots of dry lube. Both times I have done this race it has been very dusty and the chain will need some love at least at the 50km water stop.

Negative splits - Try at least to go out slow on the first 50, everyone will be trying to push the first 50, and that first hill is a killer, but remember that it only gets harder in the second half.

As Rob says, do LOTS of long rides before hand. I would want to be doing 150km plus road rides and feel fine the next day but that is just me. And dont change your food or hydration on the day.

Other things off the top of my head:
Sun block, very important.
I always take bandages and basic first aid stuff.
Also take a spare hanger
gear cables,
split link
spare cleat and screws (!)
electrolytes in a small plastic bag (they always mix it weak at the water stops)
You are "supposed" to have a whistle as well.

"You missed the defibrillator" - Boo... not helpful Eye-wink although actually, might need it.

Thanks for the advise re the gear.

As for the chain link, fair shout.... the chain I'm running has one of those quick release/assembly mechanisms.

Rag for derailleur, good shout.

As for the knobblies,... hmmm had my heart set on something scary looking. That said, I think my heart would be more grateful for less rolling resistance.

There's no spanner on the multitool I've got, so maybe a mini separate one for things like seat posts, derailleur, etc....

ties to hold your pump on , use a velcro watch strap or something similar mine is like that or carry co2 cannisters or both .

Well firstly I make sure all the running gear on my bike is in top condition before a race like that then I would have the following in a saddle bag.
2 tubes, 3 gas canisters (29er) plus attachment. multi tool.
that is it.
Because this race is in 2 big 50km loops I wouldn't bother with carrying lube etc. put some at the 50km mark (start/finish area) with bottles/camel-back etc if it was hot like last time I might put a few salt tablets in a zip lock bag in the saddle bag as well just in case the cramps set in like last year...

As Rob said make sure you try your food etc on a long ride before the race. I run on a full liquid diet these days as it is easy to get the food in and hydration is normally done via bottles and drink stops. I may use a camel back for the angry doc though as it is tough to find places to drink in the first 50km especially.

@ Rob, Im sure you can get a ticket for this....

one Gav , especially for me need more salt yumm & panadene for the pain

@smiley... the cable ties are for the pump holder I think, which holds the... erm... pump Eye-wink

that Rob

The Angry Doctor is harder on the body than the bike, so I'd focus on your hydration / food strategies and training - 25 days to go and its wet again in Sydney...

As for gear, I'm in it to finish rather than to win it, but if I was crazy / fit enough to do the 100 there again, I'd take the following:

2 x tubes
puncture repair kit
multi tool
chain breaker
spare master link
spare derailleur hanger
some toilet paper
mobile phone
reading glasses so I can see what I'm doing if anything needs fixing
a few spare zip ties

For the 50 I'd probably only take 1 tube. You could do the same and replace at halfway if you've had to use it.

As someone else mentioned, unless it is real wet, I'd rely on getting a re-lube at the halfway point - either at your car, by your support crew, or from the bike shop guys there.

Good luck.

Remember also that you pass through the event hub after the first 50K so you can leave supplied there.

Just re-read the post from Supergav and he mentioned that too. Smiling

I am also packing a few super size cans of HTFU ...

Was interested to see mention of salt tablets.

I tend to get quite strong cramps in thighs and sometimes calves at about the 40km mark in these sort of events. Usually need to rest a bit, hit the fluids, water and/or gatorade or similar, and can eventually get moving again. (have been doing 50km or 70km events - not up to 100s yet)

I think I eat a reasonable amount of salt so have not considered adding to it by use of tablets. A quick search via the electric interweb thingie was generally not in favour of salt tablets.

Any opinions on this???


but he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

I use the salt stick brand tablets. They stopped me getting massive headaches after rides.

Did the doctor last year as my first 100km.
Here are some tips for fellow punters
Prep Training
Head for the hills do as many hills as you can because they just don't stop coming

Prep Bike
Take it to your local mechanic and tell him what you are doing and that you want him to go over the bike and replace anything that might be a potential problem during the race.

Save your legs there are lots of hills and there's not too much of an advantage in riding all of them unless your talking personal satisfaction.

Last year was unseasonably hot (35) and using just powerade powder as an energy drink saw me cramp so much that I couldn't climb at all in the second 50. So i have switched to staminade in my camel pack and water in my bottle for all subsequent races since and haven't had a problem. Refill camel pack at half way.

To many sweet foods. Ie energy gels muslie bars lollies etc made my stomach do some tricks. I now carry White bread vegemite sanwhiches along with muslie bars and energy gels.

Something light and fast rolling I go maxxis High roller front and larsen back both exception series but these are my race tyre no matter what the conditions you could go larsen crossmarks small block 8's or anything similar if its dry.

What to carry
Multi tool
Sram power links 2
Chain Breaker
Pocket Knife
Spare tubes 2 and puncture repair kit
Pump or co2 cannisters
Mobile there were no marshalls in the 2nd 50 by the time I came through
lots of food
Eye drops There was so much dust in the first 5 ks last year that it was almost a blackout I spent the next 95 ks fiddling with my contacts

The event will do as advertised - rip your legs off! When you are on your bike for most of the day and climbing those constant hills you really need to consider weight as well. I recall last year pedaling up a hill at about 80km in granny gear looking at the cassette just hoping there was one easier gear. On fresh legs I'd be standing in the big ring.

The key is to do your best to make sure you have a bike that is in good condition so you don't need to carry too many spares. if your bike lasts then you only have hydration and energy levels to worry about. There's a good article by the Fenz in the current issue of MBA that deals with eating and drinking.

If you run tubes then be prepared to have flat tyres and make your day even longer and more painful. If you run tubeless then a flat is unlikely so you don't need to carry multiple tubes. It costs bugger all to convert most rims to tubeless so if you ignore everything else at least make sure you run tubeless.

Apart from food & water I'll be carrying 1 tube, a CO2 bottle, some SRAM links for the chain, a multi tool and first aid kit. It's a smooth race so I wouldn't worry about other spares unless you have dodgy equipment. It's easy on brakes too so even if it's muddy I wouldn't carry spare pads. As the guys have said, you pass through the finish area at half way so you can leave a box of spares there just in case.

Last year was hot and there were many people misjudging their fluids and running out well before the drink stations as this race is slower than the other 100km events. I gave a drink bottle to someone at about 65km who was dehydrated and still about 10km from the next drink stop.

The snake track at around 80km makes all the pain worthwhile. Enjoy the day.

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