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By CROMERBOY - Posted on 30 August 2010

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Saturday, 2 October, 2010 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

48 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Stromlo Forest Park
Meeting Point: 

Uriarra Road, just up from the Uriarra Road/Coppins Crossing Road turnoff.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Planning on heading to Canberra for the long weekend to check out all Canberra has to offer.
At this stage the plan is -
Sat morning ride Stromlo and then Sat afternoon ride Sparrow Hill.
Sunday morning Majura and Sunday choose favourite ride to do again.
Monday is flexible depending on who stays on.
Plan on camping at Carotel-the idea of a hot shower after riding overrode the want for a campfire.
I have not riden Canberra before and am super keen to get out amonst it. Saying that I am more than happy to take advice or recommendations to make the weekend even more enjoyable.

Who's in?
Funkychicken, ScottM, naz, CROMERBOY, craked, Gigantor, Tristania (7 riders)
Funkychicken ScottM naz CROMERBOY craked Gigantor Tristania
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Ya gunna love it...! it's siiiiick,

$10 says you return to Majura on the Sunday.

do we need to book a camp site at carotel?or just roll in do it then ,maybe I will contact them and find out

Found this site, might be helpful -

you may want to check CORC or The Berm re the status of Sparrow Hill as the full loop has had closures since April, but I believe a shorter loop is open.

thanks chica I have been on the berm and checked the status of " the bird"the short loop is still worth riding

but i dont know if i can keep up...

you will be right mate we wont ride off and loose you, there is plenty of time till the long weekend to put some k's in your legs Eye-wink

and no amount of k's are going to change my legs from the noodles they currently are! Not for want of trying though.

It's not a race it's an explore -anyway if you find you are struggling to keep up just sabotage someones bike!

The missus (Gigantor) and I are keen for this. I'm not sure that we'll have the stamina to do all the rides, but we'll certainly try.

Has anyone been to this campsite before and know the spacing of sites? I figure if we're going all the way down, we might as well bring the big stuff...

Excellent that six so far

It may be busy - not sure.

You can't book camp sites in advance

Here is the website

will be in canberra for that weekend ready for the Scott so may join for some rides...

camping in a caravan park in canberra though

Very keen as have just been given a leave pass for that weekend.

However as my back is currently a little frail at the moment, I'm keen to stay somewhere with a real bed,preferably an en suite, turned down sheets, choccy on pillow, fluffy get the idea.

by all accounts, though you have to pay by the hour.

In all seriousness folks, info from a Canberra local (ie me) is that it's Floriade until 10 October, so the comfy beds will be filled by old grannies come down to look at the flowers. It will be busy so book ahead.

Do they do minutes?

Having coincidentally booked a holiday in Canberra at that time (to ride the bike), I may feel like coming to Stromlo.

I reckon you may want to be a bit more specific about where at Stromlo you want to meet, as there are going to be flocks of cyclists coming and going, so meeting at somewhere, say at the end of the 4X track, may be desirable.

Hope to be with you guys for at least some of the time Smiling

This is my first time to Stromlo so a bit vague on where to meet.

If we meet at the 4X track there seems to be two car parks as well as water so this is as good a spot as any.

Easiest is under the pavilion roof next to the main car park - you can't miss it.

Just did a weekend in canberra, all i can say it wow.

Majura and stromlo were amazing, the best trails ive ridden hands down. We did 5 hours of saturday and sunday but we're so toasted by the end of it. I'm not sure if i'd bother with sparrow hill again.

I'm just planning to do the Stromlo ride, and possibly the other one this afternoon.

I reckon it's better to meet around the grandstand at Stromlo, since so many people are going to be there that morning.

I'm thinking we should do majura on sunday morn so we will have fresh legs, as it seems to be a place that we may want to spend
a bit of time at!
Cause it looks like stromlo will have plenty to offer for sat morning,then a shorter ride at sparrow on saterday arv
what does every one think?

I like that idea. Given some of the reports of Majura I don't want to be spent when we get there.
How are the ribs? Thought I might have seen you at Ourimbah yesterday.

was just on CORC's website and they have a working bee on Sunday at Stromlo - won't stop people from riding but means there may be people on the track which you will need to slow down for so Majura Sunday is a good choice. lots of fun to be had at Majura Smiling

my partner Paul and I will probably be in Canberra Sunday/Monday for some riding, so may run into you guys - we drive a Toyota Rav (silver) - will be sure to say hello if we see you guys.

on the track while you are there not a bad idea Montana enjoy the weekend

having been on holidays for 5 weeks, need to get all the riding we can get in before the Scott.

thinking about it a bit more, will probably ride Stromlo Monday after the trail maintenance has been completed, hopefully they would have fixed some of the pot holes that have developed.

yeah steve didn't want to risk riding to soon ,but will ride the commuter to work on tues and see how that feels, but definate for Canberra

Excellent - I am counting the sleeps.

i still have most of my equipment packed from kiwarrac weekend ,I was so sore when i got home it all got shoved in the back room and left there!(except the washing) I should be on the road at 5am sat morning ,now that its close I'm starting to feel young again ......well allmost. 3 sleeps Smiling

We are setting off around 3pm. I rang Carotel today and the reception is open until 9pm and after that there is a caretaker.
All my gear is ready to go - just have to pick up something to BBQ Saturday night and something to wash it down with!
I will be in a white Prado with a white Scott Genius and a black Giant Trance hanging off the back- see you there.

but just remember it will be a double demerit long weekend & the Highway Patrol will sting you for not having your number plates clearly displayed on the back of your vehicle!

Yeah good point about the number plate - my mate was going to drive until I asked him about a number plate for the rack- he doesnt have one and its not worth risking- would put a real downer on what we hope is going to be a great weekend- cheers for the warning and good wishes

Heading off tomorrow to Canberra.

I will suggest meeting at the pavillion at Stromlo on Saturday, as it WILL be crowded on a long weekend.

Looking forward to Saturday in particular!

planning on bringing my son who is nearly 15 and easy going so he should fit in OK. Not sure if he will keep up with the pace of all of us "oldies"! so we will go at our own pace so as not to hold anyone up. He's pretty fit and keen so will see how it goes. Hope no-one minds if I bring him.

Fine with me... I'm only 17 so it'd be nice having someone closer to my age there

Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of the rides, and the weather wasn't too nasty on you. I just love the "Skyline" bit to the bottom - makes every painful leg movement up to the top worth it!

top weekend in the capital ,stromlo is def the goods so much variety,but after a hectic morning at Stromlo the arvo ride at sparrow was calm and flowing ,very nice. A few beers and a bbq in the evening capped off a great day,and thanks to local rider John for showing us around stromlo.Majura on sunday was fun but some local knowledge would have been good .great riding good company top weekend cant wait to get back down there. Smiling

What a place! Canberra weekend was fantastic, great company, excellent locals, the weather held out and was perfect for riding - but the riding - yeeha.
Did Stromlo twice and there is still plenty left to see, Sparrow was great - I thought it was going to be a dud but we had a blast especially the last couple of k's. Majura was good but really difficult to navigate. All in all an awsomesome place that definately needs more exploring. Thanks guys for making this a really enjoyable weekend- I'm already planning the next weekend down there!

stromlo again hey, good choice ! how did you go with Conrads brakes?

Yeah Stromlo again - just could get enough. We got some new pads in Dickson and sorted the bike out. But how's this, his deraileur hanger snapped on the jumps near the 4X track right at the end of the ride - how lucky - a 200m push back to the car.

... trails like that on the Northern Beaches.

I know I bang on a lot about campaigns and lobbying and writing in and lots of boring sh!t like that, but really...

People come back from Kiwarrak, from Canberra, from Awaba and Ourimbah raving about how great these places are. Why are most so apathetic about trying to get something like this going closer to home? Sad

Finally after a burden of controversy, Hornsby council's been lobbied enough to build a MTB circuit, hopefully resemblant to Canberra's tracks

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