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Advice about being caught speeding: Can cops REALLY tell how fast you're going if they're driving towards you?!

By CookPassBartridge - Posted on 10 September 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Another minor sting in the tail of Angry Dr. was that I got caught speeding on the way down.

Was I speeding? Maybe.

The cop car was travelling in the opposite direction and claims to have caught me whilst he was in motion using his nightrider style car.

Has anyone else been caught speeding like this? Is this possible?

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I got done the same way, heading to bathurst.

Cop pulled a UTurn and pulled me over for doing 120 in a 100, I did wonder the same, but they have radar guns on the front and backs of the car so they can get you that way.

... thanks for the confo Logan. I guess I'll suck it up and pay (oh and next time slow down when I eyeball the fuzz).

Thanks mate.

There's not much hope of getting off as this Qld truckie just the tune of $10,000

Your joking right??

Cops cars have had the ability to get the speed of an oncoming car for years now!

the key question to ask is "can i see the radar read out, please"? that way you know whether he's legit or not and whether you've got a legitimate gripe.


who are only worth the biggish fine/points-ie. 10 to 15K's or more over.10K's or under can be speedo reading difference

You broke the law so pay the fine. Don't try to dodge around it. Be thankful that noone got hurt.

Rubbish, My best mate is a cop and has been for 27 yrs, They con ya into thinking they can but they can't....
Ask to see the radar.. they wont be able to show you. They get you with the 1st question "Why were you speeding?"
Always answer " I wasn't".

I drive over 1000km's each week in an area with a large squadron of Highway Patrol officers & have never been pulled over for being under the limit by an officer looking for a fine!.Just think of technology that is out there such as hand held GPS units, fish finders that can give sea temps at differing levels-a forward looking radar that can give oncoming speeds have been in military aircraft for at least 50yr's

A 20% increase in speed means a 44% increase in braking distance and impact force, all other things being equal.

My suggestion for a course of action is to take the feedback, pay the fine, and learn the lesson.

I used to speed myself, until I almost had my licence cancelled and had to drive very carefully for a year. That was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Your asking a cycling forum for advice about getting out of a fine for speeding in a car on the road…? Smiling

Anyhow; Like what’s with these 40 zones around schools? When I was a kid cars had bugger all in the way of brakes, had sharp metal bits all over the front and most people drove around drunk… no wonder kids these days are soft!

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