By Rob - Posted on 01 May 2007

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Team LED-outshine anyone? Eye-wink

Nice flyer, BTW:

... who isn't really interested Eye-wink

hmmm, which one to go to, cant do both, wife will kill me
decisions, decisions????

for those that dont know there is 2 x 24 hr events in Canberra in the same month, one sponsored by Scott and one by Mont

Might have take some lighting tips off this guy...

sounds like an adventure Smiling.

So far I thought riding the same track for 24hrs is stupid and riding in the dark doesn't make sense if you can ride while the sun is shining BUT I shouldn't really judge something I haven't done!
So in case you will get "really" interested and if you are not planning an all male team of roid boys give me a shout Smiling

(nice flyer???)

Caro, riding in the dark adds a whole new dimension to your riding.
Familiar tracks are suddenly new and all the peripheral distractions are gone.

Well worth the price of lights.

24hr racing is fun if you are in the right team and not taking it too seriously, and the weather's not freezing.
There's always a party atmosphere in the event center and plenty of teams stop riding and start socialising through the night.
If you do continue through the night doing the dawn lap is simply amazing.

yes, i have done a few 24hr races, usually a team of 4 or 6. We have fun, muck around and generally dont really care what position we are in, we usually stop riding from 1am till about 5 or 6am. The atmosphere is generally pretty good with alot of chatter amongst teams at the campsite and usually out on the track too. It is a great few days away. Night riding is fun and generally not much slower than day riding with a good set of HID lights (ie last yr at the scott 24hr my night laps were only 3 or 4mins slower than my day laps over a 20km lap). Get in a group of 6 and enter, you wont regret it.

P.S. entry for this yrs canberra 24hr events open around june 1, so have a team ready by this date and enter early, they usually sell out in a few days

Will have to check the social calender!

I would be interested in doing one of these events. If anyone wants to form a team let me know, would only be interested doing it as a fun, social thing.

Now all I need to do is organise some lights! Does anyone on this site know anything about good lighting???? Smiling just kidding, dont want to start a whole new light debate.

I had a look at the Mont website and there was no solo category, now I may biased but does a 24 hour mtb event lose some of its character not having solos competing. I did my 1st solo at the nzo 24 hr and intend to do another. I've also done a team of four and had an absolute ball, the atmosphere at a 24 hr is different to all other races and everyone should do at least one of them.

the mont 24hr is a new event type this yr, teams of 4 or 6 only. The scott 24hr which is on the 13th and 14th october at stromlo is your traditional 24hr with solo riders, pairs, threes, etc.


Just saw this on Torpedo7 this morning. 24hr special

Thanks Buck,

Think I might keep saving for a set of brighter lights. I did notice that they are not recommended for off road use. Look like they would be a bargain for road use though.


I have just bought some LED's and they are bright and very very light.
You get two sets of 2 * 3watt Leds, 2 * 3 hours Lithium Polymer bateries and 1 * 6 hour Lithium Polymer battery, charger, mounts, etc, etc = sub $400.

Check them out on or ask Evan he has seen them in operation


Thanks Paul,

Would like to have a look at these, is there any chance of bringing them to the next ride so I can have a look. Does the handle bar mount fit over sized bars?

If they are as good as they look I might have to get some. They appear to give you alot for your money.

There site says that they are sold out, so will contact them to see when new stock is arriving.


The handle bar mount fits my Specialized riser bar at the stem without problem - it is basically an arch of plastic (to straddle the stem) with curved feet (to sit on the bars) and is attached by zip ties. It should fit your bars as well.

I will bring them to the next ride, which will probably be Red Hill on Mothers Day. If I'm not riding I only live a K away so I'll drop up anyway.


I'll be bringing my sets of these to the DW100 this weekend if you want to have a look at them.
i'll most probably be wearing a black hoodie with rotarua 06 written on it,
come find me if im not eating i'll be at the pub.
or look for an old blue EK holden.
I like them,
you cant see much from them during the twilight hours
but in the pitch black they work fine,
they dont seem to throw out/as far as some other lights.
i used a set on my helmet at the aus 24hr championships with only on on my head
after the HId i was using died somehow.
i pulled out of the race after a big crash, then lent the lights to a mate whos batteries didnt charge
and he loved them,
again he only used the light on my helmet.
he managed to ride all the rest of the night with them with no problems.

hope that helps somewhat.

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