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All-Round Bike

By jpack - Posted on 06 May 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm currently riding a 2002 Norco VPS atomik. It's great, but heavy and not enough gears. I'm looking for a more allround bike, want to spend about $2000. obviously dualie, discs, reasonable travel, No crazy 8" DH monsters, reasonably light. Anybody have any ideas, what are you riding, what do you like? any opinions welcome.

Been looking at Mongoose Teocali, Giant reign???

Would love a S-works enduro, but who has $7000 for a bike.



I have a Teocali and they are not all that lite unless you run air shock and tubeless and a lite set of forks so by the time you upgrade its costing you to much , I have also snapped one which to there credit Mongoose replaced the frame but I had only had the bike 13 months and already had to replace all the pivot point bushes and bearings $ 140 so I lost confidence in it and now it has become my sons bike. I ride a cannondale gemini now and the thing is strong and rides very well mine is set up for DH so is on the heavy side but with the right componants they are lite and versatile and if you keep your eye on ebay etc you can pick them up for cheap really good bike hand welded made in USA not China , [low maintenance]single pivot 140-170mm rear travel 1.5 head tube.

Sadly there's no MTB Aus archive on the web [ we've had this chat before Eye-wink ] but cunningly of the few I have, an 18 month old one has a 2006 'value bikes' test.

The Mongoose Teocali ($1935) was editor's choice but the Trek Fuel 70 ($1799) and Jamis Dakar Sport ($1999) got a mention - these brands could be a good place to start and I quiet like Trek in this price range (the GF has a Trek Hardtail). These are all considered XC, but still have 100mm or so of travel which should do you fine.

You'd probably do well to look at something from Giant too - lots of guys love the Reign. Shane has a Trace 2, perhaps he can chime in here with why he went that way?

just to clarify. i mainly ride fire trails with single track thrown in with light down hilling. Was looking for more than 100mm travel front and back, doesn't have to be carbon light, as long as there's 3 rings up the front i should be good.
NB my VPS only has 8 gears.

also noticed the cannondale prophet - not sure about price of those
Trek remedy


ive just been given the go ahead by the "powers that be :)" to get a 2k ish bike, and the 2 im looking at at the mo are the kona coiler with a 3rd chainring installation (easy done) or the kona dawg deluxe..both about 2 1/2 but seem pretty good and well specd (hayes 9's + good travel forks and rears (150-180mm forks) -the north shore norco series seems to have slightly better spec'd stuff for the same $ but dunno bout the frame geometry for xc stuff...personally fwiw stay away from cannondale, orange, santa cruz, and all those kinda bikes unless you got the cash- cause they cost a packet! specialized are awesome too, just a touch more pricey , worth it if you can afford it .. dont really know about trek, gt or giant too much, but have heard alot of bad reports on giant and there pivot systems etc but each to his own i guess-my 2 cents Smiling

hey Alex,

I own a Kona Dawg Deluxe 2007 which I bought in October last year and it has been the best bike that I have ever had. They are really well specd for the price and are really a quality ride. I have not had any problems for XC with the weight or frame and it takes the bigger stuff as well. It is quite a versitile bike with the ability to go from XC to almost downhill with two switches to open both the fork and the rear shock up.

I got mine from Manly Cycles and they gave me a good deal and 3 free services included.

If you need anything else just message me...

Tis a sweet bike.


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