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Team Groover @ the Worlds

By Carlgroover - Posted on 12 October 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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I've been called a lucky guy a number of times in my life and feel luckier than most right now. Team Groover fell into place in the months preceding this race to give me my best chance at the World solo's down in Canberra. I was honoured to have so many friends and family step up and offer their help, which in turn enabled me to have my best performance ever in a 24 solo and this was my 8th.

My Father, Brother, Wife and 2 sons all worked on having me fully rested before the event and all helped thoughout the race in various ways, Supagav offered his very flash Cannondale 29er as my 2nd bike as it would have been too hard going from my Pivot 429 back to a 26" wheeled bike on such a technically demanding course, Gav you really are Supa! Whisperer was on the team early as head mechanic and proved himself as so much more, keeping my spirts high and focusing me on my next target, the bikes went spot on the whole time with his expertise, I heard 2 squirts of stans thoughout race so thankfully I only run tubeless. On Gavin's bike I induced some chain suck and managed to undo the connex link in the process, so quickly rethreaded the chain and whacked in the Sram link. Damien also came down to keep me rotating without a hitch and fast at night with his very bright lights, Damien also helped as Jay's crew. My dear wife Louise kept me fed and hydrated, the new diet plan worked very well.

The plan was to start quick and not get stuck on the first lap behind anyone who can't decend as the Pivot 429 eats rocky decents for breakfast then settle down to a steady race plan and pick up places thoughout the next 23 hours, it started well and I did the 1st lap in under an hour (a slightly short lap) on lap 2 and 3 on the stupidly steep section over the back of the mountain I was cramping and had to walk some of the steepest parts, this was not in the plan. After taking it easy climbing and some magnesium they were gone for the rest of the race. Before I knew it was time to headout with lights on, I was having fun as 6 hours had passed, smashing down Pork barrel, reaching scary speeds down skyline, and loving all the berms known as The Luge this course had everyone pumped. After the early cramps I was in 11th place and soon started to come back taking places or gaining time on every lap. I did a total of 19 laps and on lap 14 I was very happy to hear I was in 3rd place, I had just passed Shawn Taylor the current World Champ from Canada so had to keep the pressure on with 260km done I was still ok and I held 3rd place for the next 4 laps, umm... then on lap 18th he past me on a steep hill and my legs didn't have it to stay with him, he put in some very fast last laps and I was 4th.

Oh yes the pain, 24 solo racing is always going to hurt and I'm lucky to have only one large bruise but like everyone the rocky decents pounding up though the hands, arms and shoulders while braking heavily has left them far worse than normal but I felt most about Vanina who I saw stopped on the track looking down at her swollen knees and devastated she couldn't ride at a competitive pace any more, she had crashed while avoiding a rider that had stopped at a difficult part of the track. She has trained so much and so hard for the Worlds you had better watch her when she unleashes at the Nationals next year.

To all of CORC, 24 Hours of Adrenalin for a fantastic Worlds and the whole of team Groover for keeping me Unstoppable.


Gutsy effort John.

It sure was exciting doing the live splits in the pits at the end if only we could have got the info out to you while you where out on the course but thats the problem with being in front I guess.

A first class result.

Great report and great race John. I could tell from your lap times you were having a good one... Inspirational stuff.

That's a great result, well done indeed

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