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Wear your helmet - it probably works!

By Rob - Posted on 17 May 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


Here's some good publicity for... erm... the brand I actually have. Phew!

Cyclist's Head Run Over By Truck, Saved by Helmet


Never ride without the proper safety gear. Helmet is the no.1 requirement for riding. That guy should have run off to buy a lottery ticket before his good fortune ran out.

of good luck. I thought I was hard on helmets, 3 in 3 years, but that takes the cake.

I did a massive face plant 18 mths ago and cracked my helmet, my skull and 3 ribs, without the helmet my fractured skull would most likely have been fatal.
So always wear them boys and girls. John

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