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What did you get Rob?

By leximack - Posted on 18 May 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Rob wrote "Not sure about hitting the whole of the downhill on the new beast, but sure I'll change my tune when we're up at Towers ;)"

So what did you get Rob



That's as much as I'm giving away Eye-wink

Smooth and fast and precise - like the move from a 4WD to sports car. Love it Smiling

Need to get the suspension settings dialled to make things absolutely perfect, but this shouldn't take long. Bars will loose 1-2cm in width too, but think that's it.



Where? Where's the Rush? What are you in a Rush for? Eye-wink

OK, yes, yes, it's an '07 Rush 3 in team replica colours:

Rush 3

Was thinking of getting the SRAM gear changed to Shimano, but after the first couple rides the shifting diff isn't a problem (I've gone the wrong way once so far).

Oh, the egg beaters (yerch!) were ditched for 540s.


where did you buy it from? Bike Addiction?

... although I shopped about a bit of course.

Oh, now we've started, I suppose I should go on about how this happened? Well, the Jekyll, although it's had a lot of new bits is getting on a bit. It will last a good while longer yet mind - it's got adjustably geometry so will wind the rear shock back to FR configuration and keep it as a plaything for more technical Oxford Falls and Red Hill rides (read: where I'm likely to fall off). Jeykll really needs new brakes and a decent front fork (the Lefty Jake is old design with less travel than even the Rush and hardly any adjustability) but those upgrades would be half the cost of the new thing, so not really worth it. Maybe later if there's some super special deals about.

When you ride a newer bike design in comparison to the Jekyll, the age of the frame design shows. Like I say, the Rush feels like a sports car, whereas the old Jeykll feels like a wallowing 4WD. I never really push the technical limits of even what the Jekyll was capable of so decided a more XC bike was the go (hence down to the Rush, not up to a Prophet).

Read lots of reports, tried a few of the other Mob's bikes out at various tracks, read some more. Visited many shops. Was considering a Trance or Stumpy FSR too, but in the end came down to the fact the Rush felt just as good, if not better, with a simpler (read: less to break) rear suspension design from a bike maker who's products I know stand up to a lot of abuse [ abuse? a bike? moi?! Eye-wink ]

Anyhow - it's horses for courses... but that's why there's a Rush in the fold now.

Well done.

The reason I ask is I did the same thing about 2 months ago. I have a Jekyll 800 and loved it. Getting tired even though I spent a bomb on getting the lefty reconditioned. I also only recently realised it was a large and not a medium as it was adverties as. So I sold it and bought a Prophet medium frame which is my true size.

The diff is amazing. Your Rush is a true xc race bike, but my prophet feel like a ferrari to me after the jekyll.

Had about 4 outings and loving it. Will definately improve my times.

Love sharing with fellow lefty lovers!!!!!!!!

nice one Rob, will be hard to keep up with you now

Yeah - I'm back on the beer so times should adjust accordingly Eye-wink

On Wednesday night I even heard what I pressume was Christines voice say "hurry up Rob". Mind the general consensus was she needed to be swabbed on that performance, oh yeah and I was a looooong way back so may have heard incorrectly.

Do you now have a pair you'd like to swap for something in my parts drawer crammed full of sh1t or some beer vouchers?

(Who loves egg beaters)

Nah - sorry, they swapped them out in the shop.

I'd glady swap the bars for something more narrow, rather than cut them down. Seems silly if someone out there wants something wider. - Actually, don't think that will be necessary, see later comments.

Back on the beers = carbo loading for Coffs?

I've a set of 620mm wide 1 inch rise bars that I'd gladly swap for something 680mm wide or more with a 1" or bigger rise?


Finally got round to measuring the bars:

Jeykll = 600mm
Rush = 700mm

Hmmmm... no wonder the latter feel a tad wider.

That said, am sort of liking the wider way. We were at Ourimbah yesterday. First run through The Graveyard (for those that don't know - this has many tight switchbacks and a couple narrow gaps through the trees) was a bit messy, second better, third feeling better still - nice.

During 3-ish laps (well, we took a detour up the hill for one) I only clipped the bars once - on the one techie climb section over roots and stuff - was going slowly and got pushed right a bit by an inconsiderate tree.

True, the bars need a chop, but on yesterday's showing think will shave 10mm of each end to begin and see how we go. Given this isn't that radical a surgery a full transplant probably isn't necessary.

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