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Accomodation (for Coffs)

By Little-Ditty - Posted on 21 May 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I was hoping for some pretty lady to invite me to stay at her luxury villa with pay TV, jecuzzi and reverse cycle air con. But the more I think about that, the more I think I shouldn't hold my breath. Possibly it may be smart to organise a fall back plan.

Had a quick look and as someone mentioned in another thread, its not that far from Coffs Central to race central... Check it out...
Also some accommodation options:

    Cheap & Novel (Luv the dooner covers!)
    Motor Inn Option

I tried looking at Sawtell / Toormina, but nothing came up in the search...

PS - Ditty, the checkbox for 'Gigolo' was inactive... must be worn-out =;o)

I am a good judge, mate - don't worry about me. I won't be making those mistakes. Plus, I come cheap!

The prices look pretty standard. But we have plenty of time to organise this. But if we do decide to rent a place, it is better to book earlier rather than later.

I had an email from the dude up there who recommended this place:

They have a choice of Villa's and Cabins sleeping 4-5 from $64 up (it's off peak by my calculation).

He says it's right next to the beach and 6Ks to the race venue. Sounds top idea to have a little cycle in the morning then come back and take a dip. Brrrrrrr Eye-wink

I have a friend up in Coffs I was hoping to call shortly, and see if they could give me the low down on some places to go. Maybe there are some good places that are harder to find on the net??

However Rob, this place does look pretty good to me though. And when you are easy to please like I am, cheaper is best! Hopefully there is a pub on every corner!

What do others think?

When I had a quick look the other day, I was hoping for Sawtell or Toormina as its closer to the race etc. so I think it's a goodie... the prices are similar to the other places I looked at so we should probably book soonish as I'm sure it's gonna go...

Hi Stuart M, Rob, Caro, Bruce, Evan, Christine, Tienster, Heckler, Shano, Ar_Junkie.

From trolling through the forums, it appears that you are the die-hards that have also posted your attendance at Coffs. We will need to make some plans as far as accomodation goes. I have fired off a request for info to this mob that Rob located:

So I should get some ideas shortly about costings, best types of cabins to use, how many nights to stay, etc. I will come back to you once I receive something. This may give us a good start, as far as planning goes. You would be welcome to try some other avenues as well and report back(?) if you want.

I feel certain that some others on this site have signed up for Coffs too, but I could not see your posts. Sorry if I missed it. If you want in on this, please post to this thread (for now - I'll take this to PM territory eventually).

Christine (and anyone else in the same boat), were you staying with your friend and don't need accom?


Also checking out this place too:

More shortly.

Stuart, Christine Gazza and Tien are all staying with a friend of mine as we are all going up in the same car - she is in Bonville - how could we not stay there when she is just down the road from the start?!

MEEE Smiling

Good work on the accomodation research, you can count me in. Also will need accom for one extra friend from Qld who is meeting us there.

I asked about accom for approx 10 people, as my first estimate. We'll see how many people are interested, and what comes of the estimate, before I ask for serious quotes. More soon.

Attached at the bottom is the relevant parts of the emailed reply I got from Satwell caravan park. Cost of the accommodation looks to be about $40-$50 per person, depending on what we ask for. Pretty reasonable considering. And we will really only be sleeping there - plus you actually get a bed! No more camping. But then again some of you animals will have to endure my snoring. He he!

We could get 5 people each in 2 of these cabins. I am assuming for the moment we will have approximately 10 people. And I am therefore proposing splitting the costs evenly amongst the group, as we may end up with an uneven number of attendees. Comments? Worth it? Keep trying?

BTW, the other caravan park was similar in accommodation logistics but was not as cheap. I'll leave that one now, as it is much the muchness. And the suburb of Satwell is a couple of minutes closer to Bonville, south of Coffs. Okay??

- - - - - - - - -

"Yes we do have a Family cabin available. This is a 2 bedroom. Main room has a double bed and 2nd room has a triple bunk. Total cost for 2 nights (Sat 30th June, Sun 1st July). Total cost for 10 adults in 2 cabins is $416.00. ($41.60 per person).

We also have an Ensuite cabin available. This has the triple bunk in the hallway rather than a separate room. The total cost is $390 for 10 adults for 2 nights. ($39 pp). All cabins have blankets, pillows/slips but you do need to bring your own sheets and towels or they can be hired from us for an extra charge of $2 per sheet, $1.50 per towel."

At this point think we are keen to stay in a cabin at Sawtell, anyone else?

I don't think the family cabin is going to work given the 3 way bunk! And at $416 for 2 cabins that's $104/night each which is their high season price - clearly there's some liberties being taken here, as 1 July is off peak! Humf...

Anyhow, if they will give the off peak price best to stump up for the Beach Villa as it doesn't have bunks (twins in 2nd room) and should only be $103/night on 1 July.

Who's confirmed as wanting to stay here:

Bruce's QLD Friend
Shaun's +1
???? (comment and I'll add you and book up sharp-ish!)

Hi Rob and Liam, im trying to follow the thread here.. are you both referring to the same place? - either way count me in for the accomodation numbers. I can also fit a second bike on the car for anyone staying with us who wants to carpool for the journey.

You can add me thanks. And also Carolin (who already requested offline to be included). This sounds like a blast.

some of you are taking partners and want to stay somewhere a 'bit posh' my brother in law has organised a deal for us up there...he works for Mirvac...
this is it!

The Sebel Aqualuna Beach Resort Coffs Harbour is a four and a half star hotel with direct beachfront access to Sapphire Beach within the beautiful region of Coffs Harbour. The resort features contemporary holiday villas with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and all have seperate lounge room, fully equipped kitchens, laundries and balconies - most have at least partial Ocean Views.

The resort also includes Al Fresco restaurant and bar offering stunning Ocean Views, Tennis Court, 2 swimming pools and BBQ Cabana.

We would be pleased to offer the following rates for the Coffs Harbour Mountain Bike race to your members;

$145.00 per night - One Bedroom Villa including breakfast for two
$185.00 per night - Two Bedroom Villa including breakfast for four (2A, 2C)

Just mention the race on booking.

That's one villa required... any more for any more?

count me in Rob, need room for me & a friend from QLD who is meeting us there.

That's 6 of us... any more for any more? Roll on up... don't be shy! Smiling

What's your story? You in for the Coffs accom or what?

OOops... it's only when I came back now, notice you're number 7. <:o)

Me + 1...

Phew... this makes 9. Keep 'em coming Eye-wink

Can I assume your +1 will be sharing your bed? Or do you want a twin? Thinking about the logistics and all.

1 bed Sebel for me.

We've now got 12 of us staying at Sawtel:

Rob, Pratiwi, Liam, Caro, Bruce, Bruce's QLD Friend, Gilbo, Shaun, Shaun's +1, Craig, Jemima, Steve

I had to ring and get another villa today, so we've now got 2 x Beach (sleeps 5), 1 x Hibiscus (sleeps 4). The Hibiscus is a bit smaller and cheaper but only has bunks second room.

If you're part of a couple (and think there are 3 here - correct me if I'm wrong Eye-wink ) you get a double bed with linen. If you're a single then you're in a... erm... single bed (and one lucky winner will be on the top of a bunk) and have to bring your own linen.

The guy said it could be a bit chilly at night so bringing a doona was probably a good plan.

This place is:

Sawtel Beach Caravan Park
Lyons Road, Sawtel, NSW 2452 (map)
Ph: 1800 729 835/02 6653 1379

We'll be leaving mental early Sat (6am) so should be there 2-3pm (having stopped for a nice lunch some place hopefully). FWIW, Google directions says it's 6h58 from our place, Whereis says 5h42. They both say it's around 520Km so Whereis is probably being a bit optimistic.

See you there Smiling

This may slow your trip a little.

Damn, that means I will possibly be an hour slower to get to the downhill course on Saturday afternoon. Lee, can you pick me up an hour earlier? Stop by at 5:00 am? Eye-wink Never mind. Just drive faster!!

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