By cambo - Posted on 11 January 2011

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I am wondering if anyone has an old or unused trainer they would be willing to sell to me or lend for a couple of months? I am recovering from a back injury and the Doc has finally agreed to let me back on a bike (first time since Oct) for 20 minutes at a time so long as I am on flat ground. I hate gyms and try finding flat ground when you live in the Hill's District!!

I would buy a new one but with the medical expenses starting to stack up I reckon the wife might finally crack if I came home with another piece of cycling equipment Shocked

I am open to any other suggestions on how I can achieve the 20 minute sessions as well



I have one u can borrow if not too far away ?

I have a cheapo mag unit you can borrow. Doesn't apply a lot of resistance, but it is at least quiet!

I'm over near Manly Dam.

I think I paid about $50 - $60 for it. I'd like to get most of that back (say $40). Be warned when you're really cranking along it is incredibly noisy (due to living in a town house with shared walls I used it once). Doesn't sound like you'd be going too hard on it. PM me if you'd like some more details - I'm based on the city, but heading up to Manly sometime this week.



Thanks for the response, I really appreciate the offers of assistance. I am meeting up with Smiley tomorrow as he is out my way. With a bit of luck and a good recovery I hope to join you out on the trails in a couple of months



Andrew, is that a wind trainer? I'm looking for something with a bit more resistance that the one I have offers. I might be interested.

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