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Towbar for Mazda 3 MPS

By jpack - Posted on 12 January 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I recently bought a 2007 Mazda 3 MPS hatch - only to find, to my horror, that there is NO towbar kit for this car!!!

Does anyone know where i could get one made?

This is ridiculous, I never considered that it may not have a towbar kit, since there are kits for all other mazda 3's

I really, don't want to have to go down the path of roof racks or strap on racks.

I have been using a Q-spear racks for years, and it is fantastically easy to use.

Help Sad

Hop over to OzMPSClub and join there, I know of a few people from there have had tow hitches made etc.

Give these guys a try. They know their stuff.

i give up. i have called every towbar place in Sydney.
unless i get a custom built towbar for $1000, there is no way.

So i've settled for roof racks.
what sort of bike carriers are people using?
(Note: i have a 20mm axle fork, so the quick release ones won't fit)

I can't believe a modern car like that doesn't have the option of a tow bar. When buying a car I would have just assumed that could all have one.

ye - my thoughts exactly!
Super Lame!

Should have bought an XR5 or Golf R32

Doesn't the R32 have twin tailpipes in the middle? That would probably preclude having a towbar anyhow.

As for roof racks - go the Thule. They do a heavy duty version that holds DH bikes, although know people who put heavy bikes on the more standard rack. You don't have to remove the wheel and it doesn't matter what kind of linkage is in frame as they grab the down tube.

I went to a place in St Leonards, its around the corner from Mazda Eurocars in St Leonards/Artarmon.

Here is my Gen 2 MPS with the wheel clip ones, I have found it brilliant tbh, basically clamps on the downtube near the crank and then both wheels are clipped into place. Locks are ok, I would be a bit adverse to leaving the bike on them overnight in a dodgy area, but I suspect with the addition of a cable or another lock that would put people off. Not much noise from my racks I find (you wont be able to hear it over the turbo in your car) and although they do wobble about a bit I have never had any issues. Fuel economy hasnt been effected much if at all (If you get over 450k's off a tank in the MPS3 your doing well with city driving)

The Gen 1 doesnt have twin pipes, only a single pipe unlike the Gen 2 which is twin.

They have them listed here -

Although maybe they only started offering them with the new models?

They are normally very good at responding to questions etc.

Mazda International never made a towbar kit for the Gen1 MPS.

I got some Rola roof racks off ebay.
i would rather get the rack that you remove the front wheel - hence lower the centre of gravity of the bike (and centre of hitting low hanging stuff while driving).

Anybody done a DIY bike carrier?? i was thinking of finding an old 20mm hub, using some spacers and attaching it to the crossbars and then use some C-section Aluminium for a rear wheel carrier.

My mate has roof racks and he puts his bike on upside down and straps handlebars and back wheel to crossbar.

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