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got my new bike at last

By OGJON - Posted on 28 January 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Well I finally made a purchase.
Picked myself up a 2011 trance X2 today & rode it home.
10km of rd & 8km of single track, love them f&r lock outs makes up hill a breeze
used the lock outs on rd & once on the single track unlocked droooool it's so smooth hardly even notice the bumps.


Well done. Great feeling to be on a new bike and Trance's are a good all rounder.

The trance has been around for awhile now and having got my first mid way through 2006 they have really improved!
Enjoy the new wheels!

Thanks guys yeah love the new bike.
lbs let me test ride it for like half an hour & was aloud to take it where ever I wanted to, which is sweet as there is bush land 2mins down the rd from the bike shop. I got a good idea of how the bike felt.

Was a good ride home 18km, not bad for someone who mainly has ridden DH. Sure feels great to have a bike I can actually pedal & go up hill, compared to my Giant Glory that just won't go up(can walk up hill faster than what you can ride the glory LOL)

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